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The cautions of road in the fog

by:Foerstine     2020-05-18
Road in the fog of the matters needing attention of time: 2013 - 09 - 12 many travelers have faced this situation, when the air, in a good mood. But on the way encounter heavy fog weather, so, can only to slow down, slowly go on. Foer sting give you some advice, let you drive travel was safe. < br /> a speed limit, must strictly obey the traffic rules, don't drive too fast. The shorter the fog, the greater the visual range, speed must be lower. Experts advise when visibility is less than 200 m more than 100 meters, shall not exceed 60 kilometers per hour; Visibility is less than 100 m more than 50 m, shall not exceed 40 kilometers per hour; Visibility within 30 meters, should be controlled below 20 kilometers per hour. < br /> 2, don't use high beam. Fog, be sure to use anti fog lamps, to comply with the requirements of the lighting use: open the former defensive fog lamps, tail lights, light and low light, wide use light to enhance visibility, see vehicles and pedestrians and traffic, easy to let others see themselves. Need special attention is that fog not use high beam, this is because the upper beam on the optical axis, shoot the light will be reflected the fog, form was a vast expanse of whiteness in the front drive the people who can't see anything. < br /> 3, timely to pull over. If the fog is too big, can pull over the car park, at the same time open the low beam lights and emergency lights. After parking, from the right out of the car, far from road as far as possible, don't sit in the car, to avoid the GuoLuChe hit. Such as the fog dispersed or the line of sight better hit the road again. < br /> 4, frequently use the horn. Under the condition of the line of sight is bad in the fog, frequently on the horn to warn pedestrians and other vehicles, when heard the other car horns, shall be immediately honking response, prompt their driving position. When two cars meet should be on the horn to alert across the vehicle, close the anti fog lamps at the same time, lest cause dazzling feeling for each other. If your speed faster, should take the initiative to slow down to give way. < br /> 5, keep the car. Driving in the fog should try to lower speed, especially to the safety of the car and keep enough, don't too hard. Don't try to drive on middle road, along the road, to prevent collided with roadside temporary stop waiting for the fog dispersed. < br /> 6, avoid blindly overtaking. If it is found that in front of the vehicle parked on the right, not blindly go, want to consider whether the vehicle to the other side of waiting for. Beyond the roadside parked vehicle, to confirm their have no intention of starting nor to the other side of the later, timely honk, low-speed bypass of the left. In addition, please pay attention to the lane rope be careful on the road, also can't GaXian, otherwise you will have collided with the car to the danger. And other cars in the corners and what should be slowing down in advance, to avoid variable speed, a stop or stall. < br /> 7, not to a screeching halt. When driving in the fog, generally don't slam on or fast accelerator, more can't turn the steering wheel emergency braking and urgent. If that is really necessary to reduce the speed, slowly relax first accelerator, and then light brake several times in a row, achieve the purpose of control the speed, prevent the happening of the accident.
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