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The causes of foot and the processing method

by:Foerstine     2020-04-21
Foot causes and treatment methods of time: 2013 - 05 - 02 < br /> the three days of five small long vacation, the weather is not as forecast said let us down, the sun on a clear day, everyone the chance to enjoy some kind of, finally lived up to their expectations. During the journey, however, if you find yourself in the foot faint pain, took off his shoes and socks a look carefully, discovered that large blisters are feet, stared with sly toward you, and you say. But whether you are know the causes of foot and the preventive measures? < br /> < br /> the foot bubble is a result of the soles of the feet sweat skin softening, ball long time focus on local tissue fluid leakage and friction force and form; Often and footwear, walk the road is rough and speed of the uneven and hikers associated factors such as lack of exercise. < br /> < br /> prevent the happening of the foot must pay attention to: one is the shoes and socks to appropriate, shoes shoulds not be too high or too small, it's best to wear a new rubber shoes or cloth shoes. Female comrade don't wear high heels hard bottom shoes. Insole should level off, the socks without damage, no wrinkles. Shoes into the sand should keep clear of in time, keep dry shoes and socks; Second, walking Tours should be step by step, after nearly far. Footsteps wants even, be born to stability, not fast as slow; 3 it is to use hot water before bed foot, in order to promote local blood circulation. Application of ball parts hand massage or kerosene in a foot protruding parts with cha. In addition, can also be used drug prevention, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, asarum, windproof, angelica dahurica 4 two each, add water 5 catties till 3 jins, besmear before hiking soles, once a day. < br /> in case of foot bubble, the current treatment, there is no law, mainly to puncture and drainage. First with hot water hot dry feet 5-10 minutes, and then use iodine or alcohol to soak the foot local disinfection, with a sterile needle, The needle can be used to boil water or alcohol) Punctured foot bubble, the bubble along the road in a liquid drained. Disinfection of the tail of a horse through the foot foam drainage is also available. But when dealing with foot bubble of avoid by all means to skin to prevent infection.
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