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The cat stretch type, ease back tired for the trip

by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
The cat stretch type, alleviate hard journey back in time: 2013 - 05 - 09 < br /> < br /> walking outdoors for a long time, always meet all kinds of problems. Journey to express the waist sour backache, for no reason to increase the troubles, let travel cannot be satisfactory. Foer sting to teach you a simple 'breathe', effectively activate the whole spine, relax the shoulders and neck, effectively relieve the waist pain. < br /> < br /> the so-called 'breathe', is always adjust your breathing, mood stability, can also relieve the pain of the body. The so-called 'heart' in it is the spirit of yoga practice, the body is not healthy is often caused by psychological is not sound, buddhist law 'idealism', the deviation caused by the psychological imbalance of thought, the same physiological disorders. Buddhism with 'four mindfulness' for repairing the heart of the practice and yoga 'meditation' to achieve harmony of body and mind, and can inspire the body inner natural therapeutic potential. < br /> : < br /> ( 1) Hands, legs and knees on the ground, the animals crawling.
  ( 2) Inspiratory, look up, tighten back, the waist down, cocking the hips. Keep 6 seconds.
  ( 3) Exhale, relax the neck, head, chest and abdominal muscle contraction, arched back and keep for 6 seconds. < br /> so, a total of 4 ~ 8 times.
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