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The beach camping in spring

by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
Attention the beach camping in spring time: 2013 - 03 - 25 source: foer sting outdoor camping goods tent author: f, the westin < br /> to avoid the crowds, despite the constraints of traditional, let's open the heart, look for a childhood dream; Let's let go of love, the way users outside the pursuit of the sea: bask in the warm sun, blowing the moist sea breeze, listening to the music leisurely · · · faure sting carefully prepared small Tips for you, let you more high on the beach! < br /> < br /> < br /> < br /> < br /> < br /> a, must be prepared to equipment: < br /> low air holes double-decker tents, dampproof mat, sleeping bags, mosquito-repellent incense, sulfur, Or pesticides) And lighting equipment. < br /> tent: the big humidity, heavy dew. Recommend using double account, waterproof properties is best can better equipped with waterproof mat, can improve the moisture from the earth's surface. < br /> sleeping bags: field day and night temperature difference is bigger, and in summer and autumn of sleeping bag for + 20 to 0 degrees Celsius temperature scale as well, including the envelope bag can be used as a quilt. < br /> dampproof mat or blow-up lilo: night rest can lie on your back, dampproof mat choose physical foaming product instead of chemical foaming products, to avoid to produce peculiar smell, blow-up lilo using pump air or automatic air, soft and comfortable. < br /> camp lamp: lighting at night is very important, can choose the battery lamp or natural gas. If a battery is light, be sure to prepare enough spare batteries. < br /> other essentials: swimsuit, sunscreen, if you want to spend the night with insect repellent, a trench coat against the cold, life buoy, take root piles and the rope. Nailed a stake in the sea, when high tide on the rescue trap tied with a rope at the stake, won't float away. < br /> 2, camping ground choice: < br /> 1, the historical tide level 3 meters high, in the sea swimming and cannot reach the tide zone. < br /> 2, flat area, shorter in pitch tents, terrain around in the rain can't flooded into the zone. < br /> 3, grass, tree from grass trees outside 1 m 5 is the best, the harmful animals and pests is difficult to place. < br /> 4, away from the tower, prevent travel dangerous at night. < br /> 5 above, choose to no stones or other dangerous falls off can not damage the place, the most good all round for the flat ground. < br /> 3, drugs to prevent harmful material harm, < br /> 1, in choosing a good campsite, with sulfur ( The snake) Or worm to spray around the campsite, prevent have the insect from entering the camp to hurt yourself. < br /> 2, tent, around the outer tent should use stones or other objects to be fixed, prevent winds. < br /> 3, point mosquito-repellent incense must pay attention to the fire, it is best to use iron boxes will mosquito-repellent incense on it, to send out mosquitoes smoke with air holes, not six fire at outside. < br /> 4, night in and out of the tent to prefabricate ring, stir around the tent with seafood quality, prevent the raid. < br /> 5, in tents at night is to use the lights first check to prevent the danger. < br /> < br /> < br /> < br /> < br />
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