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The advantages and disadvantages of the inflatable dampproof mat and maintenance knowledge

by:Foerstine     2020-04-21
The advantages and disadvantages of the inflatable dampproof mat, and maintain knowledge time: 2011 - 07 - 29 < P> a, what is the inflatable dampproof mat? What is the advantages and disadvantages of it? < / P> < P> since inflatable try its principle is to open air chamber enclosed within a waterproof nylon shell, using automatically. Since the inflatable dampproof mat is the key to the internal filling degree of springback, the decision whether to users after long time compression blow with the mouth, to make up for caused by filling material springback degree is not high soft mat. Advantages: < / P> < P> as comfortable as open air chamber type, adjustable softness, but much better insulation; Waterproof, moisture-proof; Air chamber your adjustable. < / P> < P> disadvantages: expensive; Easy punctured; Volume is larger, and the heavier; After emptying the internal gas difficult, not easy packaging related articles: < / P> < P> two, how the blow-up lilo automatically inflate automatically? < / P> < P> open air valve, internal similar on the surface of the sea filling the springback of blow-up lilo absorption air. After close the valve, the air has been on a cushion of air. Automatic blow-up lilo makes easy to use and comfortable. Once the blow-up lilo is full, you can control the volume adjustment degree of hardness and softness. < / P> < P> three or cooler, high altitude environment will have influence on filling process? < / P> < P> in fact cold or high altitude environment, advantageous instead. Absorbing the cold air cushion under the influence of temperature, will gradually expand, mat will be more comfortable. Of course, in the case of extreme temperature, inflation would be slightly to fall. < / P> < P> when not in use, how to store? Blow-up lilo should be flat and open the valve until use. If you close the valve rolled up storage will affect the degree of inflation. And long time of tight state can cause mildew. < / P> < P> 4, how to cleaning? < / P> < P> use soap, water and soft brush effect is best. If you have dirt, can use CitraSolv ( Detergent) 。 After washing, let it to inflate, and preserved after dry. < / P> < P> 5, what is the advantage of convenient chair? < / P> < P> convenient chair can make a hard, cold floor don't have to sit, instead, feel warm and comfortable seats. < / P>
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