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Tent using the technique

by:Foerstine     2020-05-10
Tent to use skills in time: 2011 - 11 - 04 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> in we need to carry out guy, tent is probably one of the largest. How to put it is absolutely important. < / p> < p> every outdoor camping goods tents sold with a bag, a lot of people are used to put the tent in one of them. Is not to say don't fold it in very troublesome, receive good tent is often the biggest one in all our equipment, and backpack space is limited, in addition to its hold sleeping bags, dampproof mat two big boys. < / p> < p> and more troubling many tent is a packet of their shape, if you use a smaller backpack is very likely to place not in. Plugins out tents outside the backpack? Seemed to be a good way to save space, actually otherwise. < / p> < p> this guy is very easy to put you to any trouble, outside the tent's heavy, stand outside the backpack is not easy to bundle plugin, unless like package rice dumplings. Cross over, if need to drill the woods on the route it is easy to live branches, if not be careful be scratched his branches that you'll be up shit creek. < / p> < p> it? The best thing to do is give up vendor design brings you bound - — Throw in the tent outside the bag need not, to a large sleeping bag. Closed when also need not very troublesome to fold it, like a closed sleeping bags stuffed it directly into the sleeping bag set, if need to save the volume with a sleeping bag outside bring pressure to a smaller volume compression. So, good sleeping bag from their into a ball, in a backpack or arrangement position. < / p> < p> do another advantage is that the blind plug up every time the position of the fold is random, and if it's purely to beautiful only fold it a rule to receive the original bag, tent is fixed, the location of each fold in the long run this part is easy to aging in the first place. Tent after the solution, the rest of the tent pole is much more to say, vertical in a backpack, it or plugins on the outside of the bag is very easy. < / p> < p> we go out will encounter weather problems are generally two types: the rain and wind. A little better tents against the rain is no problem; But with the wind is another matter. < / p> < p> many foreign high-grade tents, that is, in this article, especially high-grade mountaineering tents in order to enhance the wind resistance without heavy let a person not moving back even abandoned the waterproof effect - — Of course it is also because it will rain in the high mountain is only snow. Wind resistance performance of the best tent is climbing with altitude tent. How much it can fight the wind? < / p> < p> how to implement the tents of the wind, first is the design of it is in line with the aerodynamic shape. Tent shape usually divided into dome type and single, both by way of comparison, dome tent tall, capacious, leading the tent is short, long and narrow. < / p> < p> although small, narrow means that uncomfortable to live in a but the blowing wind, and it's affected by wind area is small, and fore and aft has extending outward door awning design, especially in parallel to the direction of the wind set up when the wind is very good. To ensure that the tent windproof another big tent is the key to the overall strength. < / p> < p> the strut of the material is usually a glass fibre and aluminium alloy, without a doubt is, of course, the strut strength of aluminum alloy are higher, and the more the number of strut, the greater the tent's overall strength. And the tent of the nail and rope to give full play to the role, can greatly strengthen the ability to resist wind tents. < / p> < p> tents in the wind is a very painful thing, as far as possible the use of natural barriers, such as mountain shelter, the back of the stone, etc. In the ice area still can consider, dig a pit, snow and then to set up the snow pit, reuse dug out of the snow in a tent wind pyramiding a fresh snow wall. < / p> < p> in the process of the building to avoid blowing tent blown away, with a big rocks or backpack weight put it down. If unfortunately single tents in the wind, the absolute is a kind of test. < / p> < p> tent use section: < / p> < p> don't worry, when our tent all hands are likely to break tent pole - — Especially when the day is cold glass fiber reinforced plastic is very fragile, it is better to carry a metal pipe of about 20 cm. Set aside. In order to prevent the bottom of the tent is bad, in front of the building to clean out the grass-roots branches on the ground, etc. < / p> < p> in a fixed rope, in order to avoid other people do not pay attention to mix, can switch on a red cloth strip to alert others. Develop even if no wind is also good to the habit of nail, otherwise empty tent after the wind blow run easily. When there is a lot of wind, if you want to leave empty tent, had better put down the tents, above press weight prevent tent blown bad. If time allows, in the morning is best after sun drying tents in collecting, dry wet tents tents and will vary in weight a lot. < / p> < p> tent maintenance: < / p> < p> every time go out after use, returned home to open the tent in ventilated place dry, or after a long time will be moldy. Tent as far as possible don't wash, if the dirty can be clean with a damp cloth. When placed to avoid sunlight for a long time, tent fabric could be accelerated aging; Avoid contact with chemical reagents. < / p>
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