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Tent pole emergency maintenance experience

by:Foerstine     2020-05-17
Tent pole emergency repair experiences time: 2011 - 11 - Author: 11 source: tent camping tents < p> rod is the main use of the account in order to prop up clothes, wind shelter. So rod requires good toughness and high elasticity and should not be broken. Good or bad to distinguish is mainly on it. < / p> < p> usually everyone will choose aluminum rods, many people choose aluminum rod because subjective think aluminum rod will be lighter than the drill rod, the actual general aluminum rod and similar with the glass rod weight, some even heavier than drill rod, and fiberglass rod actual support features but also slightly higher than the ordinary aluminum rod. But he has a weakness is the most important long-term repeated use, and use under low temperature condition is easy to crack, lost the original elasticity, sometimes so broken! < / p> < p> but note that this kind of low temperature to - Until 20, so glass drill rod tent generally distribution a aluminum tube in case the backup! But the latest one by Luxe in recently launched the latest 'PE fiber glass tube pole', changed the shortcomings, carbon fiber rod with PE material, prevent craze, but also improved the carbon fiber rod 50/100 support, while the weight also increased but the price is cheap! The support characteristics was one hundred and twenty percent higher than that of aluminum rod, and general characteristics of glass drill rod support only increased by forty percent than aluminum rod. < / p> < p> bo drill rod is divided into yellow and black, with black bar is the most common, but huang rod quality performance is much better to your point, there are many mountain tents is to use yellow lever. < / p> < p> aluminum rod share more variety, in addition to the brand, materials, specifications of different producing area and thickness, at the moment it is difficult to find out! But mostly in the common rod is in bottom of the cost of the Korean air aluminum rod, and the quality of aluminum rod has a fatal flaw, is easy to distort. < / p> < p> aluminum rod quality in general is bad, but really good aluminium pole, general single piece of aluminum rod hands are not easy to bend, it is easy to bend, fine workmanship, the appearance of smooth, compact interface, painted light falls off not easily, have qualitative feeling, and in every section of the rod head with the words engraved with the brand, lightweight, high elasticity, general 4 meters long 8 mm aluminum rod can nest in a circle and constantly! And for a long time can let go after bending rebound for several days straight rod! Only in this way can the aluminum bar glass drill rod support characteristics. < / p> < p> the number of the other pole is also key, in general the more pole is more stable, the performance of resistance to wind and snow collapsing the higher, so the general mountain tents will choose to adopt 5 rod even more to support! While travelling in choosing a tent, at the same price, can choose only two aluminum rod camp, and give up three root carbon fiber rod of plateau, but don't know in the wind and hold characteristics on three root carbon fiber rod plateau is one hundred and fifty percent higher than the former, it is a serious mistake. < / p> < p> in general, aluminum rod is strong, why would collapse, I estimate is a set of interfaces is still not fully into began to bend aluminum tube, as a result, local stress too much bending direction. < / p> < p> summarizes aluminum rod repair process is as follows: < / p> < p> 1. Sharp grinding section, in order to avoid and repair damage tent cloth tape again < / p> < p> 2. Rotating aluminum rod, causes the damage and curtain rod bending direction vertical, which generally curtain rod bent up and down, the largest stress above, should be around lesions in < / p> < p> 3. With carrying the strongest tape tightly wound it set and lesions. < / p> < p> in addition, there are the following tips: < / p> < p> 1. Tents, must take pole interface trapped to bend < / p> < p> 2. Nothing don't onlookers tents, aluminum rod collapse flying fragments of the estimate is very sharp, if the collapse, such as the eyes or throat consequences would be very serious < / p> < p> 3. If possible, try to carry such as tape, repair equipment such as alternate fasteners; If it is to cold dangerous areas, tent must have redundant space, that is, if there is a 4 people team, carry tents should satisfy 6 people space, and ensure that at least can cope with any tent must be damaged, otherwise once the damaged beyond repair, there will always be life threatening. < / p>
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