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Tent of choose and buy when how to understand the content of the weighing scale

by:Foerstine     2020-04-17
Tent when the choose and buy: how to understand the content of the heavy scale time - 2011 10 - 26 source: tent author: < p> tents outdoor camping goods tent when customers decide to purchase is the weight of the tent of one of the most important factor. In the past, tent makers decided to publish the weighing scale. < / p> < p> now, the American outdoor camping goods activities under the union's tent manufacturers association establish a series of voluntary guidelines, provide tent makers how to decide and explanation of tent weight standards. < / p> < p> in the tent manufacturers association guidelines, there are two weight standards: the lightest weight and the weight of packaging. < / p> < p> the lightest weight: the lightest weight is the total weight of the tent, including fabric and tent pole, this concept is a basic component of net weight. Is also the most often used to compare people buy tents leading indicators. < / p> < p> packaging weight: refers to the packaging weight when buying a tent the total weight of all the objects associated with the tent ( Minus the weight of the package) 。 < / p> < p> think: is the lightest weight, not including the nail, rope and other attached objects. < / p>
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