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Tent in detail three quarter of standard features and characteristics

by:Foerstine     2020-04-19
Tent in detail three quarter standard features and characteristics of the time: 2011 - 10 - 26 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> 1. Large size tent wall and roof package, used to store clothing and easy to find; < / p> < p> 2。 Zipper switch awning/hallway board: easy to adjust the tent air; < / p> < p> 3。 Tent pole set and clamp: ensure that there is the best tent space and stability; < / p> < p> 4。 Metal buckle outside tent accessories: fast installation and easy to use; < / p> < p> 5。 Their nylon zipper piece: does not affect sleep; < / p> < p> 6。 Adjustable Angle of tent screens: easy to adjust the tent pole tension; < / p> < p> 7。 YuPenShi account base: pressure rubber seal the bottom of the account and have a certain height from the ground, to ensure the best and completely waterproof; < / p> < p> 8。 The self-locking type rod end to facilitate single setup. < / p> < p> 9。 Luminous against point easy to find their tents at night; < / p> < p> 10。 Maintenance package: with viscous material for rapid repair; < / p> < p> 11。 Curtain rod sleeve: maintenance on-site maintenance tent pole parts; < / p> < p> 12。 The spare metal buckle: external accounts precaution when emergency; < / p> < p> 13。 BURRITO package can be transformed into hang bag: extra storage bag from the ground; < / p> < p> 14。 Large hallway outside account can be used as storage warehouse; < / p> < p> 15。 Total pressure glue outside account: completely waterproof; < / p> < p> 16。 The silicone handle zipper can effectively prevent knot frost; < / p> < p> 17。 The whole account can enhance the storm weather protection; < / p> < p> 18岁。 DAC feather of heavy tent pole: high strength weight ratio; < / p> < p> 19。 Visible color: more than dark feeling and lively; < / p> < p> 20。 Big D form door easier to pass in and out; < / p> < p> 21。 Polyester tent cloth material: super uv protection function; < / p> < p> 22。 Tent pole set: better than hook type tent strength; < / p> < p> 23。 Simple structures: can only use the account curtain rod, cloth, light mat can be set up tents. < / p>
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