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Teach you how to step by step through outdoor

by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
Step by step to teach you how to outdoor through time: 2012 03 - Source: 31 tent author: outdoor tip 1) < br /> 2) (there are a lot of online 'classroom' Such as wizard, birds, mountains BBS JiuTie, etc. ) 。 Tent] Like to go back and forth day first place, and there is a clear path from go where three or four hours back and forth, to long distance, More than 10 km) Then go where route is not obvious, to understand different terrain ( ) For what is the effect of marching, realize speed and mileage and elevation difference? 不要总是戴着 Using the basic equipment accumulated system, at the same time ( Shoes, bags, clothes, use a compass and map orientation,) Then three days two days is not far from village road, One or two hours) And in the spirit of 'not afraid to go back' long challenging under high days through ( Through this word is not good, a lot of place is the best is the way out) Communicate with other like-minded people ( This BBS is set for this)
3) I have seen seven ancient capitals to climbing gym, there is a great place for beginners ( Seat belts and basic equipment and guidance) As people's university of eastward that texture is ups and downs of the granite wall practice ( Transverse, upward) < br /> < br /> to teach you how to step by step through the tags: outdoor outdoor camping goods crossing, outdoor camping goods skills
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