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Talk about the new donkey trip to prepare for the first time

by:Foerstine     2020-04-21
Talk about new donkey what time travel to prepare for the first time: 2011 - 11 - Author: 24 source: camping tent camping tents < p> clothing: a set of charge, 1 quick-drying long-sleeved dress, and 1 piece of long, 2 short sleeve quick-drying dress, and 1 the quick-drying pants wear exactly ( Removable, here to say is, zipper must have a small eye doesn't close tightly, a day infested, small eye mouth here can use cellophane tape glued on, leeches should either from the drilling to) 。 < / p> < p> shoes: a pair of waterproof merchant mountaineering shoes, three pairs of socks. ( To ink can buy slippers to wear off to Lhasa) 。 Here to say is, if you pay attention to walk, along the way to the inside of the waterproof hiking shoes don't wet can be avoided. < / p> < p> equipment: 45 litres of mountaineering bags, set a pair of snow, 1 root sticks, 1500 ml water cup 1 a, 1 piece of transparent plastic film ( Light is used to replace a raincoat, as far as possible, but it is not easily broken) , 1 small flashlight, hat, waterproof bag for clothes and photographic equipment, knives, lighters, lifesaving whistle, 1 needle ( For the blister foot) , two each knee. < / p> < p> basic drugs: fever, cold, band-aid, yunnan baiyao, tincture of iodine, gauze, essential balm, town snake medicine, health products. < / p> < p> in general: all the things with control in 15 - — It is good in 18 jins. Can deposit clothings in Lhasa for replacement, since the ink to take off is necessary! < / p>
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