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Talk about the history of lightweight tents and the analysis of the various advantages and disadvantages

by:Foerstine     2020-04-18
Talk about the history of lightweight tents and a variety of advantages and disadvantages analysis time: 2011 - 11 - 02 source: tent author: outdoor tent < p> about five or six years ago, maybe a little earlier, tent brand dealers according to the market reaction, began to start on the weight of the outdoor camping goods tent, so about 70 d nylon fabric slowly replaced by light double/single-sided coated silicon fabrics, 20 d 15 to 40 d now 30 d d even 10 d fabrics are arises at the historic moment, the narrow diameter is 11 mm to 7 from the beginning. 5 mm to be used. So tent more and more light, it is worth extending and for sure. < / p> < p> both sides silicon coated fabrics are now widely used in the tent, in the beginning can't stick a strip, a German company takes the lead in research and development of silicon coated fabric double fusion strip, successful to make up for the defect and apply for a patent, other brand can only be nearly as well, some companies have developed BaoDi cotton thread to compete with them, this line can produce inflation after the water used for removing eye of a needle, but still there will be water seepage phenomenon, but there's always way, personal think through the design of the tent shape defect resolved to minimum is also one of the way. < / p> < p> the advantages and disadvantages of lightweight < / p> < p> as to the end: the biggest benefit of lightweight product is to the outdoor enthusiasts can reduce the fatigue. Both sides of the silicon coated fabrics, tensile strength is very good, high coefficient of water proof; Disadvantages: electrostatic reaction, and high cost. Again for curtain rod, curtain rod used to expand the space and the basic role of wind resistance, although it will be a very good high-tech has material performance is the embodiment of the largest, but after all the material also has the limits of tolerance, like 8 mm and carbon materials under the curtain rod or unreliable in terms of wind resistance. 。 。 So I think the outdoors, able to secure a comfortable sleep is more important than only a few hundred grams to reduce weight! Especially in the natural environment, all factors as an experienced travelers should be considered. < / p> < p> lightweight tents case < / p> < p> let's take a look at the case of the world's lightest tents - - - - - - - - - - - - - In 2009, the British have a three days and two nights of outdoor camping goods professional game, considering that the athletes' physical fitness, so the organizers in Europe like outdoor brand dealers, in the form of bidding for ultimate super light, so a lot of brands are flocking to the tent was born: Terra Nova, VANGO and VAUDE, have such tent was born, and the appearance is not the same, but in fact, one of the earliest research and development from ME. 。 。 。 。 < / p> < p> this tent because in the most extreme material so wind resistance and space is close to the limit, so is also a test to the user. Looks like Europe and the United States of big shop sign also have a copy, to paraphrase the altar friend 'wutong ashes' line: 'lazy designer! '< / p> < p> the last way, hope the outdoor enthusiasts to rational analysis, a reasonable choice. Do not want echo what other says, tent in the outdoor is your home, bring you comfort and protection, I think it is more important. If only the pursuit of light, I suggest that it is good to take a raincoat. 。 。 < / p>
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