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- take good care of your tent Briefly tent maintenance knowledge

by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
- take good care of your tent Briefly tent maintenance knowledge time: 2011 - 10 - Source: 21 tent author: < p> a, wet tents outdoor camping goods tent can't store < / p> < p> tent to maintain the first and one of the most important: don't receive the wet tents. If you really did so, the next time you'll chagrin: when using had a good a tent moldy long green hair, looks very ugly, even if you for sterilization processing also of no help, green stain unpleasant mildew can't be removed also, most desperately of baby tents could greatly shorten the service life. < / p> < p> actually tent to receive the best way to deal with before is very simple, is to put it in the sun dry naturally ventilated breathe freely, so shall also the damp cloth. < / p> < p> 2, kept tent dry < / p> < p> if you have to make a humid tent is removed, remember to get it as soon as possible. Can temporarily when conditions are not allowed to put in the bag, one day. But if you have time, sunny, while lunch time can bring it out to a bug, sunshine is the best liquid desiccant. < / p> < p> if you are in the car, camping tents don't have to put it in the trunk, loose, so that when you come home it will be difficult to forget to give it bask in the sun, the garden, garden, or on the clothesline, accounting, accounting, draw string, flip on a regular basis, let sunshine fully dry. < / p> < p> there is no outdoor camping goods space conditions, take it away with a few chairs, or drying rack, as long as the air circulation is no problem. Dryer, hair dryer can also be, as long as you are patient. < / p> < p> 3, tents cleaning < / p> < p> say again tent cleaning problems. The simplest way is the tent up, stained with special tent with sponge cleaner like Nikwax, Graingers, in order to wipe, and then dried. If need to tents to brush a waterproof coating, must choose the professional products, because they are suitable for most of the fabrics. < / p> < p> maintain tent seems to be some trouble, but if you often travel, 'take care' of your tent, is in a good 'take care of yourself. ' < / p>
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