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Survival knowledge: food exploitation and water collection

by:Foerstine     2020-04-20
Survival knowledge: food exploitation and water collection time: 2011 - 08 - 21 < P> wild there are two ways to obtain food. One is hunting wild animals, the other one is gathering wild plants. < / P> < P> hunted wild animals must first know the animal's habitat, grasp the law of animal life, and then to take pressure, hunting, hunting or catching of wildlife by trappers card and shooting method. This needs to be guided by experts after a long time to really master training and practice. Here only a brief introduction of edible insects and edible wild plants species, edible method. < / P> < P> the world's people in edible insects have a snail, earthworms, ants, cicadas, cockroaches, crickets, butterfly, locusts, itself, flies, spiders, mantis lake, etc. People to eat insects, though not accustomed to, and even disgusted, but in the case of last resort, in order to maintain life, keep fighting, then complete the task, do not prevent a try. But it is important to pay special attention to, boiled or baked, in order to avoid more insect parasites enter the body, lead to poisoning or illness. < / P> < P> edible wild plants including edible wild fruit, wild vegetables, algae, lichens, mushrooms, etc. The recognition of edible wild plants is the main content of the field knowledge from bottom to top. Our country region vast, suitable for all kinds of plant growth, of which about 2000 species of edible. Common edible wild plants in China are: vitis amurensis, hippophae rhamnoides, torches fruit, myrtle, hu, Benedict, crashing, bolshoy ussuriysky fruit tree, Japanese raspberry, black rice, emblic leafflower fruit, etc. , especially wild chestnut, coconut, papaya is more easy to recognize, emergency survival is the best food. Common wild vegetables are bitter herbs, purslane, quills grass, shepherd's purse, dandelion, cordate houttuynia, wild amaranth, kochia scoparia, ling, lotus, reeds, lichen, etc. Potherb can be eaten raw, Fried food, cooking, or through the cook to eat. < / P> < P> however, ordinary people need to be under the guidance of experts after a certain time of training to master the knowledge, here are one of the most simple method of identifying wild plants toxic nontoxic, for emergency use. Will usually collection and cut a small opening to the plant, in a pinch of salt, and then carefully observe whether to change the original color, usually pale plants can't eat. < / P> < P> there are two ways of access to drinking water: one is mining groundwater, another kind is to purify the surface water. We only introduce the method to get drinking water from surface water. < / P> < P> the rain usually can be directly drinkable. When it rains, ponchos, plastic sheeting, a large number of rainwater collection are available, and can also be used with empty cans, cups, helmets and other containers to receive rain. < / P> < P> when there is no reliable drinking water and have no test equipment, can according to the water, temperature, water colour, taste, briefly identify the water quality is good or bad. Colorless, transparent, when pure water in the aquifer of shallow depth when the pale blue. Can use glass or porcelain water observation. Usually the clear water the better water, the muddy, explain the impurities. General clean water is tasteless, and contaminated water, often with some peculiar smell. < / P> < P> the temperature of the surface changes due to temperature changes, shallow underground less affected by the temperature, the deep groundwater is constant temperature low. If the sampling of water does not conform to the law of the water quality are generally have a problem. In addition can also use a blank sheet of paper to observe water after water droplets in the air. Clean water without patches, such as patches, explain the water impurities, water quality is poor. < / P> < P> it is best not to drink from the weeds in the field of the flow of water, and to issue from the cliffs or rock water is preferred. When drinking the water in the river or lake, but in 1 ~ 2 m away from the water's edge dig a small hole in the sand, the pit seepage water than directly extracted from lakes water clean. < / P> < P> in the wild, can use the drinking water disinfection, bleach pills and alum and other pharmaceutical water purification. In under the guidance of experts, some containing mucus quality wild plant purifying water is available. Remember, no matter how to drink, don't drinking unclean water, as a last resort, also want to drink the boil again. < / P>
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