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Survival knowledge: common injury prevention and control of field activities

by:Foerstine     2020-04-20
Survival knowledge: common injury prevention and control of time: when the wild activity - 2011 07 - 26 < P> the wild insect stings: in order to prevent insect bites, in the field should wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers, tighten cuffs and collar, skin exposed parts of the heart to be coated cha anti-mosquito medicine. Don't in the humid and lawn sit above the tree. When camping, cook something moxa leaf, artemisia annua, cypress leaf, wild chrysanthemum flower and other insects. Insect bites, ammonia water, soap and water, salt water, soda water, zinc oxide ointment apply affected part itch disinfection. < / P> < P> great harm leeches is a kind of insect. When meet leeches bites, must not hard pull, can pat or by hand with soap liquid, brine, oil smoke, alcohol drops before the suction cups, or with the burning cigarette, let fall off on its own, and oppress the wound bleeding, and apply iodine cha wound to prevent infection. Forces in March, often should check if there is any leeches climbed on foot. Such as coated instep with some soap, anti-mosquito oil, can prevent the leeches on the climb. With 4 ~ 8 hours at a time of time. In addition, garlic juice daub to shoes and socks and his trousers, also can have the effect of flooding from the leeches. < / P> < P> on hot days field trip, because of the heat generated in the body of toxins if not timely eduction body outside, heatstroke phenomenon can cause the human body. Heat stroke is the most common disease field trips. In addition to take some medicines for the treatment of heat stroke, on prevention. Travel for a long time in the sun's heat to arrange sufficient rest time, and in the shade, travel at the same time, it should be noted in the shade and cool, you can use a wet towel on his head, appropriate to drink more water, moderately open clothes and wear a jacket and pants. < / P> < P> winter travel, be sure to keep warm your feet, hand, ear etc, in order to avoid frostbite, hand can wear gloves accordingly. Foot in addition to wear comfortable foot, warm shoes and socks, still can plug in the toe place ten hot pepper, it is said that can have the effect of promoting blood circulation, the ear can use all the bell type head or head scarf, wearing a coat, wrapped up, have heat preservation effect. < / P> < P> a long walk, your feet will get blisters on the water can't prick, especially in travel, can relax appropriately shoes hold on if it is too big or into the camp, you can use clean needle broken water, then can use and can stick on nursing. Mediocrity is the 'capital' of the long journey, calluses more thick more won't get blisters, this is the reward of long time travel, therefore, we in the bath, wash feet note don't deliberately remove calluses. < / P> < P> travel fatigue and soreness walked for a long time, the calf muscle fatigue and soreness in particular, the camp should be actively to carry on the massage, promote the recovery of muscle, massage can be done repeatedly and hot water with a towel, or massage with firewater, method is to liquor, with the hand massage fatigue parts quenching wine quickly and grasp the methods will not be burning firewater. Can also be used special massage bubble wine, restore fluid, etc. < / P> < P> physique weaker climber, mountaineering activities in the summer, due to acute, physical consumption is too large, especially in the loss of water and salt, prone to heat fainting. < / P> < P> the main manifestation of hot faint as: feel exhausted, irritability, headaches, dizziness or nausea. Pale, skin feels cold. Fast and shallow breathing, pulse fast and weak. May be associated with lower limbs and abdomen muscle twitching. Body temperature to maintain normal or decline. < / P> < P> to avoid hot faint, weaker climber, some system in summer mountaineering activities should pay special attention to avoid too much physical strength consumption activities, pay attention to rest rhythm, maintain physical strength. Should drink more water or beverage containing salt, even to give added to the electrolyte loss in the body. < / P> < P> in case of hot faint, should remove the patient to shady and cool place to lie down as soon as possible. If the patient conscious, should let its slowly drink some cold water. If patients with excessive sweating, or cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, should add salt in the water to drink. If the patient has lost consciousness, should let its decubitus lie down, sufficient rest until the symptoms of slow, to a hospital for further treatment. < / P> < P> stings: scorpion, centipede, wasps, such as poisonous insect, cut red and swollen, painful itch, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms. To poison out first, then with soap and water, ammonia, smoke oil, vinegar, inunction wound, or with purslane dolly, juice a blunt, standard chartered gels. Also available snail after wash dao net pounded on the wound. In addition, garlic juice has curative effect on the centipede bite wound. < / P>
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