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Summer outdoor survival essentials is introduced

by:Foerstine     2020-05-11
Summer outdoor camping goods survival essentials introduced time: 2011 - 09 - 06 < P> when outdoor camping goods sports should be chosen in dressing, comfortable and large base shoe, such as sneakers, plus two or three double socks, can guarantee treks feet not c; Wear and loose trousers, is the best choice of walking through the woods; Coat is to absorb sweat, breathable, soft, t-shirts for the best, please prepare one or two pieces to replace. < / P> < P> the summer there will be a snake in the mountains, so, don't wear shorts up the hill; Temperature difference in the mountains, sooner or later, to add a coat can resist wind; Rainy in summer, the mountain was caught in a rain or shine fluctuates, raincoat is necessary defensive tools; Often may encounter can swimming places in the mountains, you'd better take the swimsuit swimming trunks. < / P> < P> should bring along their own recipes in summer with high heat, high energy, light weight, small volume for selection criteria. Staple food, in order to easily save the pie, dry food, instant noodles, is preferred. Fushi can take beef, ham, eggs, etc. , must be vacuum packing. Fruits paste, beef jerky, pure milk, peanuts, balanced nutrition is the meal. Don't forget that the great physiological load of exercise can make appetite and taste increase, bring sauce, chili sauce, sauce, salad sauce is very wise. < / P> < P> has excellent springs in the mountains, hikers just bring the car to drink enough water is ok, but don't forget to bring a kettle or coke bottle, which not only is a tool for drinking water in the mountains, you can also for my family back in the shape of some mineral water. < / P> < P> by the way, as a reminder, climb a mountain on the way to add water at any time, to learn science and drinking water, should be in feel thirsty to drink only one of two, including in the mouth slowly swallow, such as when thirsty to drink another two, don't endure to binge drink when thirsty, because it is easy to hurt the lungs. < / P> < P> your belongings such as flashlight, camera, telescope, toiletries, should be based on principles of lightweight, compact, durable, strong. Exposure in summer, it is better to prepare some sunscreen, it won't completely prevent sunburn, but it can effectively prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin. The best sunglasses and sun hat. < / P>
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