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Summer in outdoor mosquito prevention method

by:Foerstine     2020-05-11
Summer in outdoor mosquito prevention method time: 2012 - 04 - 16 source: tent author: outdoor skills 1, eating garlic can effectively drive midge, because mosquitoes don't like the body's secretion of garlic, or put a few garlic indoors, can also repel mosquitoes. The disadvantage is that smell, estimates that a few MM will love it. < br /> 2, oral vitamin B, through the body's physiological metabolism after from sweat eduction body outside, will produce a mosquito can't close to smell. Oral vitamin B1 - them for only an hour before sleep - - - - - - 2 piece, but don't take a large amount for a long time. < br /> 3, some people often get a mosquito bite, without feeling the people around. Originally the mosquitoes bite people dress color. If the clothes wear dark blue or brown, likely to be bitten by a mosquito. So in the summer should wear light color clothes. < br /> 4, near the side, put two or three bottles of cool, wind, etc. , to uncover the mosquito can smell and daunting, dare not to 'intrusion'. But the effect is a bit poor, cool, wind and evaporate quickly. < br /> 5, use jasmine, milan or rose, it is best to cordate telosma smell of perfume, etc. Because mosquitoes cannot bear the smell of the flowers and escape. < br /> number 6, take the jar, only within a little sugar or beer, gently shaking, make the bottle on the lining with sugar solution or wine juice, indoors mosquito more local mosquito smell sugar, will fly drill into the bottle [ Tent] And be stuck or drowned. < br /> 7, use drive midge, drive midge frost ward off daub or spraying agent such as, some effective protection time can even get eight hours of insect repellent effect. But it is important to note that when used in conjunction with sunscreen products, can produce a smaller degree of offset to prevent bask in effect, therefore, the user should be appropriately increased the frequency of use sunscreen, < br /> 8, using electronic drive midge watches: dragonflies to prey on mosquito king, smell its voice mosquitoes away. Using electronic drive midge watch imitates the sound of the dragonfly wings drive midge effect effectively, and at the same time also can imitate the sound of the male mosquito wings to drive female mosquitoes ( Blood-sucking mosquitoes) 。 Range 1 square meters. < br /> 9, source day outdoor products are launched drive midge lighting candles or drive midge torches, wax candle burning when container will be hot, do not touch, in case of scald, at the same time don't use in flammable items nearby. The candle burns, be not far from the candle. < br /> 10, the exploration of the magazine in May see the, have launched has anti mosquito insect repellent effect of quick drying, with UV resistance, more convenient, do not carry out any items, but the disadvantage is that amounts of water to wash, insect repellent effect may be reduced. < br /> < br /> summer mosquito prevention methods in the outdoor tags: mosquitoes in summer, mosquitoes, outdoor camping goods mosquitoes
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