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Some Suggestions for campers through the snow

by:Foerstine     2020-05-18
Campers some Suggestions through the snow in time: 2011 - 12 - Source: camping tents, author: camping tents < p> go to the mountains through the snow in the winter season is really a good feeling. Snow mountain in the fresh air make people comfortable, the cool wind hot thoughts; < / p> < p> a, goes hand in hand, do not alone on the road. < / p> < p> about on a few mountains with a partner or a care. Can be laughing all the way, share interest, each other mutual understanding and mutual friendship. It is best to have a guide, to ensure safety, eliminate loneliness, enjoy the beautiful nature and feel better yourself. < / p> < p> 2, professional equipment, not by default. < / p> < p> soil freezing winter mountain appearance, climbing, ice, ice axe essential. Take another 10 meters of rope, climb up the mountain to you can follow one's inclinations. More than two people at the same time when climbing helmet should be worn. < / p> < p> three, personal equipment, would like to change. < / p> < p> even if the temperature is very low and moving will be sweating. Clothing, gloves, socks, shoes, insole will change in time, lest produce cold injury. Fire wet clothes to dry and set aside. Mini insulation thermos must take, so that we can guarantee that let you drink on a hot, at the very least, it is not cold water. Wind sunglasses, head lamp, Swiss army knife and survival whistle must take, the compass, thermometer, etc with nor superfluous. < / p> < p> 4, waterproof, snow is like the rainy season. < / p> < p> whether you charge the clothes, pants, gloves, shoes, must choose waterproof. Because the glue on the surface of the shoes, snow under the effect of your body temperature will turn into water. Professional mountain boots is best. Gloves, too, will often come into contact with the snow, wet after it is easy to cause cold injury, it is important to note. < / p> < p> five, tents, sleeping bags, cannot be ignored. < / p> < p> a mention in the snow camping is enough to make you excited, very exciting, how challenging it. Spend the night in the snow of more than 20 degrees below zero, want to choose the mountain wind, warm tents. Ordinary dampproof mat is ok, but sleeping bag must be 1500 grams of down and feather products. In addition, the temperature of the tent is not above freezing, but also to those who are afraid of cold for a nightcap. < / p> < p> remember, can not be boring when you feel cold cold sleeping bag, that will make you feel cold, even the chills. Correct way is to fill the stomach, movement in place for a while until a warm meaning. Then take off your shoes, and into the sleeping bag. Stay your temperature elevate the temperature of the sleeping bag up later according to your own situation off his coat, and so on. < / p> < p> 6, picnic, snacks, convenient for the best. < / p> < p> whether it is a mountain village, or snow camping, instant noodles is the best choice. A lightweight, second taste. A pack of some snow water, boiled, steaming, not to mention how beautiful! Bread with no as far as possible, because too much water, freezing cold, not easy to fast food. Biscuits, chocolate, such as raisins can vary from person to person. Frozen meat products can also bring some. < / p> < p> seven scenery, figures, camera. < / p> < p> go out, be sure to photography. Back, posted online, and share them with others. But in the cold snow electronic products may malfunction, purely mechanical photographic equipment may have advantage more. < / p> < p> the above is my experience, through the snow mountain camping alone after combining muztagh ata climbing experience, written for friends through the snow like a little advice. Is not very mature, willing to work with you to discuss and learn from predecessors with an open mind. As for you attention, I will be pleased. < / p>
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