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Some problems that should be paid attention to outdoor sports

by:Foerstine     2020-04-26
Some problems that should be paid attention to outdoor sports time: 2011 - 11 - Author: 25 source: tent camping tents < p> spring and early summer is the good time for outdoor sports, like to take a walk in nature, and play more and more. According to incomplete statistics of Chinese mountaineering association, the national registry of all kinds of outdoor activities, club nearly more than 200, more than ten thousand people. Our country is rich in natural resources: deserts, swamps, mountains, forests, for outdoor camping goods enthusiasts to choose. So what are the typical features of outdoor sports, should from what respect note? < / p> < p> outdoor sports is a new project group, mountain climbing, rock climbing, mountain cross-country, wading, fixed-point across, forest adventure, desert adventure, spelunking, etc. , one of the most popular or mass mountaineering activities. < / p> < p> from a technical point of view, these movements are largely related to the climbing challenging, exploration of the nature of the nature of the movement. In recent years, the mountaineering management center organized outdoor camping goods sports game for many times, this form of promotion, advertising the benefits of the sport, sum up experience, standardize the management, better service for the masses. < / p> < p> outdoor sports are generally selected in far away from the city, so remind all outdoor enthusiasts must put safety first. Li Zhixin said, outdoor sports one of the differences with other sports is there are unpredictable factors. Mutations such as climate, the direction of the lost, rock slide and so on, people who like outdoor sports, first of all, pay attention to the cultivation of survival skills and abilities, their own way to attend the training course, or by experienced people take once, don't be foolhardy. < / p> < p> in the outdoor activities are needful for team spirit, so it is very important to choose travel partners, to choose someone who has a good character, good health and have team spirit, good cultural quality, good at communication. < / p> < p> may encounter danger at any time in the outdoor activities, if you can't calm face, panic, you will lose the best rescue time, so have good psychological quality is also outdoor enthusiasts should pay attention to. sports also need to know some professional knowledge, learn some basic skills, basic equipment use. Some experience can not only from books, also can be learned from practice, from TV to go to school, can also be in class. < / p> < p> do outdoor sports to step by step, from easy to difficult, from near to far, but can't we? Science, safety, civilization, environmental protection ', in which safety is always the first, only do this, the outdoors to healthy and sustainable development. < / p>
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