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Snow in the winter outdoor equipment necessary

by:Foerstine     2020-05-14
Snow in the winter outdoor equipment necessary time: 2012 - 02 - 06 source: author: outdoor tent outdoor gear < p> although time has been to 2012, 2011 winter is not far away. Love the outdoors, you will naturally want to an excellent season, while the embrace the snow to the heart of the piece of white sea challenge to the tide of ice and snow sports. Looking forward to your ice with stroke? Preparation is must be doing well. Before leaving, may wish to refer to the following of ice and snow sports 'self-defense', let oneself have a perfect winter. < / p> < p> if you thought the snow tourism is slippery snow, take the cable car, tired returned to vacation house to drink a cup of tea, played CARDS, and then you are out The date. Nowadays snow tourism, rich stimulus than imagination, DIY exploration, snow is not only the current wave of outdoor, also gradually become the main line of travel agencies snow to swim. < / p> < p> < br /> you can enjoy the snow trek 'one step at a time' magic touch; Or taste with vast snow camping nature intimate contact of pleasure; Another snow sport or immersed in the stimulation. In the ice and snow world, writing a blood youth sweat, the beginning of 2012, can be so wonderful. < / p> < p> < br /> of course, the power of nature is always deep, snow tourism preparation also have to do. ( tents] The ready to swim against the snow project introduction, would bring to you in the snow 'safe' and 'double happiness'. < / p> < p> < br /> snow trek < / p> < p> < br /> was walking in the thick snow, listening to the sound foot gently 'click click', the scene in the movie, as if is in Shanghai, and our own, the protagonist in the pursuit of a dream. < / p> < p> < br /> for < / p> < p> < br /> snow cover: set on the foot, the upper to the knee, the lower cover vamp, used to prevent the snow into the shoes inside. < / p> < p> < br /> charge wind-resistant jacket and pants: outdoor clothing windproof, waterproof and breathable function, charge wind-resistant jacket and pants are mostly use waterproof breathable GORE - TEX or DEN - TIC materials, at the right moment to fit the bill. ( Tent] < / p> < p> < br /> hat: do we have to wear, because the body more than 30% of the heat dissipated from the head and neck, had better wear a knee ear cap. < / p> < p> < br /> gloves: choose to keep warm, wind proof and abrasion resistant. shop sell fleece glove works best. < / p> < p> < br /> socks: winter outdoor camping goods must take spare socks, because the socks in the morning up with moisture, may be frozen into ice. < / p> < p> < br /> stick: snow on foot, some sections may shades obscure, cane is the necessary equipment. < / p> < p> < br /> hiking shoes: through the winter snow, waterproof breathable performance requirements for hiking shoes is very high. Shoes - not waterproof - - - - - - In walking foot heats up, the heat to the vamp, attached to the shoes on the surface of the snow will soon melt infiltration; It is no use even if you are with a set of snow. Waterproof and airtight shoe - only - - - - - - The khan gas leads to shoes in the foot is very tide, but not too much cold foot. Arrived at the camp, some new donkey tired to fall asleep after meals in a hurry; Up in the morning you will find a problem: he wet waterproof or not waterproof and airtight only after a night hiking shoes has frozen like a stone, the foot wear them. So had to point the fire soft shoes to hit the road again. Waterproof breathable - - - - - - - This kind of shoes with leather lining GORE - TEX materials or DEN - TIC waterproof breathable material, can ensure don't wet your feet wet. < / p> < p> < br /> other necessary paraphernalia, flashlight, spare batteries, compass, spare socks insoles, matches, and dao (the A large sword, general 6 inches above, don't be so, it is mainly used for open circuit, chop wood, self-defense, And the beast) ; 3 in in a tactical knife, generally, to ensure that the sharp. Purpose: to cook, repair, repair, tools) < / p> < p> < / p> < p> winter snow outdoor equipment necessary < br /> tags: outdoor, outdoor equipment, winter outdoor < / p>
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