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Sleeping bag of daily cleaning and maintenance _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-25
When everyone in the use of a camping sleeping bag at ordinary times more or less are thinking about how to avoid it is not very dirty, but the author here tell you camping sleeping bag actually cleaning and maintenance is very simple, you don't worry too much, it is to give us the sleeping bags under the I cleaning and maintenance. Clean one, please use neutral detergent or dedicated sleeping bag detergent to wash, do not use strong detergent, bleach and clothing fabric softener, it will destroy the feather structure, reduce the volume 2, soak cleaning before sleeping bags can be for short periods of time, with a soft brush gently brush net head, collar, steps such as easy to dirty parts available superposed platen washing machine machine 3, sleeping bags, but cannot use on turbine buy a washing machine. Machine wash before pull sleeping bag outer, all zipper and button by mouth. Washing machine select warm water and mild mode, do not use the function of dry, strong centrifugal force will damage the sleeping bag 4 fabric and lining, please thoroughly washing clean detergent and soap bubble it 5, is clean, no sleeping bags from side picked up, and sleeping bags from the bottom to the pick up, otherwise it will damage the sleeping bag fabric and lined with 6, transition can be damaged by frequent washing medium of warm sleeping bag down and so on the premise of keeping clean, please try to reduce the number of washing dry 1, sleeping bags, suitable for flat dry in ventilation, dry environment, avoid the strong sunlight, ultraviolet rays can damage the nylon surface layer 2, you can use the capacity of the larger commercial dryer, keep low temperature drying and sleeping bags have enough turning space 3, after dry please continue shaking sleeping bags and gently pat down goons, to feather completely stretch, sleeping bag restorable load again after receive bag deposit 1, daily store please select a dry, cool environment as far as possible, and to determine the sleeping bag is clean 2, not placed in the compression bag storage, long-term compression can reduce down volume results in the decrease of heat preservation layer lose elasticity and thermal performance. Can use ribbon upside down in the chest at the bottom of the 3, if you don't use for a long time, suggest that a period of time to sort out a sleeping bag and make it fully stretch and airing, repack receive bag or inversion using 1, 1 to 2 days before the outdoor camping goods sports please stretch the sleeping bags completely, helps to give full play to its thermal performance in the field. Before you go to the sleeping bags into compression bag 2 do not wear a coat, cold environment into the sleeping bag, suggested that sleep wearing only underwear, such conducing to rapidly increase the temperature inside the sleeping bag and sleep comfort 3, in camp if time permits, morning sleeping bag outer, place and the tent top or dry, ventilation, sunlight environment, help to sleeping bag dry. Wind but avoid intense sunlight during the day 4, when receiving, can furl a sleeping bag, first out most of the air. Spread the sleeping bag again, starting from the tail will be irregular sleeping bag into the compression bag. Do not recommend using the method of furl into compression bag, because of long-term regular volume can make sleeping face cloth because of uneven force and accelerated aging 5, down sleeping bags fabric with waterproof or water resistant, but if the weather and wet on the way, please send a sleeping bag sealed in plastic bags, to avoid the damp air into the camping sleeping bag.
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