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by:Foerstine     2020-04-27
There are three common sleeping bag shape: mi type, envelope type, and the beer barrel type. ( 1) Ma mi also called mummy type or mummy, this sleeping bag shoulder width narrow feet, generally between 75 and 85 cm, shoulder width steps 35 to 45 cm width. Ma mi bag is the same weight to be able to achieve good heat preservation effect of camping sleeping bag shape, suitable for use in cold seasons; ( 2) The envelope bag, as the name implies, shoulders and feet wide, like an envelope, this sleeping bag is loose, suitable shape and the warm summer season wide; ( 3) Hybrid combination of both before sleeping bag, most is the envelope sleeping bag and a hat of microphones. The international popular sleeping bag is XiaoFangMao, streamlined body ( Wide area is not in the neckline, but in the shoulder to the elbow) 。 Before the great circle of cap both increase the weight, and not conducive to keep warm. Someone call the new camping sleeping bag 'beer barrel', also somebody called it 'cocoon', actually is the alienation of the first two sleeping bags, in design absorbs the advantages of the former two sleeping bags, away from the deficiency of the former two, in carrying on comfort and use had the very big enhancement. The importance of outdoor camping goods night sleeping bags: how to better washing bag? Relevant tags: sleeping bag manufacturers, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags, relevant information
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