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by:Foerstine     2020-04-28
Early humans were made of warm warm fur clothing and sleeping time use MATS, and still include the eskimos live near the North Pole, there are still people in use. In the early 19th century explorers and mountaineers have started testing different camping sleeping bag systems, early camping sleeping bag by excellent adiabatic performance of camel's hair filled, then invented the hollow rubber cushions, and for the earth pole expedition of the 1720 s. 1861 Francis Fox Tuckett prototype test first Alps sleeping bags, sleeping blanket design began in the mid - 1760 - s envelope type tend to be more perfect, and close to the ground part has a hollow rubber coating as the ground thermal insulation layer. Alpine nicole to let you sleep comfortable warmth. Down because it has good heat insulation performance in the early 19th century, widely used in mattress in Victorian Britain, women were even filled in the inner dress down to keep out the cold warm, but the feather processing and use of technology began to develop in the middle of the 19th century, early recorded down camping sleeping bag is used in the UK in 1892, ALFRED MUMMERY expedition team, from alpine mountaineering club sleeping bag prototype development, and by the British furniture manufacturing company, but this is not to produce real commercial sleeping bag. Commercial production of sleeping bags ajungilak Norwegian company started in 1890, this period of sleeping bags are made by kapok filler. Until the 1820 s, sleeping bags are special products, but due to the continuous development of outdoor camping goods products demand in the market, more and more companies began to design and production of sleeping bags. Based on the Himalayan expedition and the rise of the mountaineering in the 1830 s began to development and perfect the design and production of sleeping bags, was born at this time can be tightly wrapped body mummy bag, the British mountaineer also relies on the sleeping bag success boarded mount Everest. After the industrial revolution because of manufacturing industry and the development of chemical industry, synthetic fiber started mass production, because of the synthetic fiber with excellent heat preservation performance began to be widely used in the production of sleeping bags. How to correct the choose and buy of sleeping bags: sleeping bag factory for you about the development of related tags: sleeping bags, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags, relevant information
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