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Sleeping bag manufacturer to introduce you to the envelope bag, there are advantages and disadvantages. - - - - - - Nanjing city Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-28
manufacturer to introduce you to the envelope type such as envelope sample is rectangle, the equivalent of a small quilt can be folded in half and, at the bottom of the side zippers. For the most part designed to open into a quilt dual-purpose, both can be used as small, also can be folded in half after pull zipper into a sleeping bag. The design advantage is simple structure, the use of double zipper, general bottom can open, convenient change diapers, etc. And because the quilt bag dual-purpose, strengthen the practical function of the product. Disadvantages: due to camping sleeping bag up and down size is consistent, lead to lower size small, hinder the activities of baby legs, affect the baby sleep, baby don't like to use. If the size increases, the above size will be larger, baby easy the whole drill into a camping sleeping bag or slip out of the sleeping bag. So, the class many equipped with shoulder design style, but also can prevent the baby only slipped out of the camping sleeping bag. factory remind you need to wash! : sleeping bag factory remind you choose down to pay attention to what point? Relevant tags: sleeping bag manufacturers, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags, relevant information
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