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Sleeping bag how to maintenance and maintenance?

by:Foerstine     2020-04-19
Sleeping bag how to maintenance and maintenance? Time: 2011 11 - 15 sources: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> buying a superior performance of the sleeping bag is a big spending, as far as possible to prolong the life of a sleeping bag, can reduce your cost. In fact a lot of camping tribe very cherish their own equipment, how to prolong the service life of sleeping bags, we put forward a correct use and maintenance problems. < / p> < p> although sleeping bag can be cleaned, but neither cotton sleeping bag or feather, cleaning will reduce its use indicators, especially improper cleaning method, may mess up your sleeping bag is a mess. < / p> < p> use a sleeping bag, the head is the most vulnerable places, in order to reduce the number of cleaning some sleeping bags, under the head is equipped with a removable liner, use a period, remove the wash is ok. Without this liner, might as well use a cap set when sleeping bag, can get the same effect. < / p> < p> even if the use of special attention, time is long also needs washing. Generally low sleeping bags, with a relatively low requirement for washing, because cheap, it is no good to use, with not much money in one, the high-grade sleeping bag is different, use, maintenance, proper will greatly reduce your spending. < / p> < p> abroad, high-grade sleeping bag is usually use detergent to clean, but at present domestic lack this kind of product, now in general use of roller washing machine to clean. For down sleeping bag, please remember that don't use household washing machine to clean, narrow laundry to get you valuable down sleeping bag into the garbage. < / p> < p> wash down sleeping bag is the best way to do it yourself to complete it, in a bathtub, with plenty of soap wash slowly, it will make your sleeping bag is very smooth. < / p> < p> and most importantly, down sleeping bag dry after cleaning, it is a mandatory to patience, nothing is more ideal method put sleeping bags in the large commercial drying machine barrel type, slowly by low temperature drying, dry and constantly interrupt program, take out the sleeping bags to find pieces of wet hair, gently massage, then continue to drying procedure, has reached a new degree of fluffy down sleeping bag, is very important, must avoid high temperature drying of impulsive, otherwise, the nylon fabric bake the scar contracture. < / p> < p> as for the sleeping bag for safekeeping, compression custody is not a good idea, because down sleeping bag need to breathe, keeping down sleeping bag is a good choice of a wide permeability good storage bags, make up in a state of fluffy, feather products taboo damp, should be put in dry and ventilated place, after is used outdoors down sleeping bag, a bug in the sun, as far as possible, in order to keep the sleeping bag dry and soft. If the wild lack this kind of condition, after back to the program must not omit. < / p>
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