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Sleeping bag how can use the washing machine _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor

by:Foerstine     2020-04-26
for long time, the above stains can many, not easy to clean. Sleeping bags to clean to go out again with good storage, etc. So how to clean sleeping bag is simple and applicable? Wash the sleeping bag? With washing machine whether is in order? Below we together to learn about sleeping bag cleaning techniques. One, sleeping bags do the specific steps are as follows: 1, to my first ( Or washing powder, here it is recommended to use laundry detergent) In warm water, stir well after soaked the clothes. 2 time longer soaking, sleeping bags, twenty minutes best effect. 3, after soaking find sleeping bag is the most dirty place, such as cuffs, neckline, add a flat laundry detergent, knead gently with the hand, this is the most important step, washing bag clean these places, sleeping bag elsewhere can clean more easily. 4, the most dirty place after rub off, and then with the hand rub the sleeping bag ( With the hand rub to three or four times) And, of course, you can also put the bag into the washing machine at this moment, the minimum water level, slow to wash. 5, the minimum water level after mixing the washing machine to shut down, and then rinse 2 - Three times the camping sleeping bag can be cleaned. 6, with the hand twist dry or use a washing machine to dry sleeping bag and dry. Clean the sleeping bag step is over. Second, sleeping bag can use a washing machine washing of the washing machine is not recommended, if use the washing machine wash clothes more will be sleeping bag or down or pocket zipper part such as laundry, easy to cause the sleeping bag filling material extrusion machine, piles, will fail to keep warm. cleaning is usually washed by hand, of course, can also be dry-cleaned. But not necessary. If really afraid of the cold winter can use detergent and no more than 30 degrees Celsius water immersion, so clean up is relatively simple. Out of the water after washing, then tile or hang out to dry. 1, if the bag is not too dirty, it can be to 2 ~ 3 hours in the sun, then coat with a stick in a basin of alkaline detergents or soapy water, after waiting for the water temperature, dip in with the brush repeatedly washing liquid scrubbing of sleeping bags, and then in a basin of water, water washing liquid on the sleeping bag with a clean cloth and wipe clean. Water will often change, always keep clear, until the wipe the surface of a sleeping bag. Will brush after sleeping bag hung up to dry, dries quickly available iron to iron, then with a wooden stick gently sleeping bags, to restore the cotton to loose state. 2, if the bag is too dirty, can use method of baptism, the boiled water into the pot, put some of the base surface, melting and then add some cold water, then put the bag the whole 2 hours on the water bubble, take out after, go on sleeping bag with some soap, and, in turn, will suit the dirt with the brush to brush the net, and then rinse clean, then open it to dry. Such washing the sleeping bag won't harden and reduce its warmth retention property. Three, sleeping bag how to maintain the heat preservation is difficult to clean and maintain, a lot of friends to clean sleeping bag is a headache. About sleeping bags and maintenance method of small make up to you the following Suggestions: 1, remove collected good camping sleeping bag before wearing, can use first small stick gently blows, to reply the status of fluffy. 2, a sleeping bag is placed in the compression bag storage, long-term compression will lose heat preservation layer to reduce heat preservation performance. 3, if you don't use long, suggest a time to sort out a sleeping bag and make it fully stretch and air dry. 4, if there is no obvious dirty mark, sleeping bag doesn't need a new sleeping bag cleaning, use breathable items ( Such as sorting bags) Wrap, put a grain of camphor ball to prevent bug eat by moth, then stored in ventilated dry inside the wardrobe, pay attention to the above not be under pressure. 5, summer and fall much rain, after the rainy season, had better take out your camping sleeping bag air dry, prevent mildew; If found to have mildew, usable cotton ball with alcohol to wipe, scrub with a clean wet towel clean, dry properly again after collection. But not in the sun exposure, or new clothes are likely to fade into the old clothes.
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