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by:Foerstine     2020-04-27
manufacturer to tell you the choice of using outdoor camping goods tent camp attention points: 1) Should try to put up our tent near the hard, flat on the ground, don't camping by the river and the dry riverbed. 2) Need to see the morning sun, tent face toward the south or southeast, best camp try not to choose the ridges or the top of the mountain. 3) Camp have grooves, do not set up in the crook, not too cold at night. 4) Tent entrance to leeward, so as not to sleep when the cold wind, tent to stay away from the Rolling Stones. 5) Camp choose sand land, grassland, or debris such as drainage comparison of the camp. Just dig a drainage ditch, the tent line can avoid tent water flooded on rainy days. 6) To prevent insects out, can be in tents around a circle of kerosene. maintenance of what problem should note? : camping sleeping bag factory remind you need to wash! Relevant tags: sleeping bag manufacturers, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags, relevant information
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