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Six kinds of barbecue method allows you to fully enjoy the outdoor barbecue

by:Foerstine     2020-05-15
Six kinds of barbecue ways to make you fully enjoy the outdoor camping goods barbecue time: 2011 - 08 - 24 < P> biscuit firing: food doesn't need to taste, just put it on the fire barbecue, common to fish for, besides can keep original, more have the effect of removing smell. Burn: < / P> < P> salt with salt smearing the whole body to barbecue food, suitable for barbecue fish and seafood, etc. Burn: < / P> < P> monosodium glutamate side barbecue side with salt and soy sauce, and then coated with MSG to add flavor, which is used to grilled fish, bean curd and bai luobo can keep its original. < / P> < P> Chinese: when elongated barbecue fish, the stomach after the open, with bamboo cane across fish fillet, because at first glance like pu leaves the name. < / P> < P> as: brush while baking thick sauce, repeated until the food is done, is often used for fish, meat fat thicker. < / P> < P> YunDan burn: egg yolk with sea urchin sauce mix, grill handing sauce evenly daub on the abalone, shrimp and other seafood kind of food, such a baking food colour and lustre is bright beautiful, taste delicious. < / P>
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