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Several common form - sleeping bag _ washing steps Nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-25
Nanjing Foerstine washing steps very professional outdoor camping goods supplies company in sleeping bags, today we will introduce you to small make up just sleeping bags of washing steps, hope that through our introduction to the problems such as sleeping bags of washing step allows you to have a more in-depth understanding of 1, will be sleeping bags soaked in warm water, the water temperature is not higher than 30 degrees Celsius (2, 3 choose feather special cleaning agent, please rub gently pat, don't turn 4, wash, rinse thoroughly with clear water clean, until there is no soap bubble 5, rinse after a bit of water pressure, and the camping sleeping bag flat place do well ventilated place 'in order' to deal with 6, in the order process, please keep turning of sleeping bags, avoid feathers or all kinds of synthetic fiber pulled knot influence sleeping bag 7, after the processing of bulk degrees, can return to sleeping bags storage bags or buy the clothes in between in order to collect, bean look forward to the dawn of the next holiday 8, maintenance should be flipped the sleeping bag in good weather in sunlight for 1 hour and 9, safe and most of the sleeping bag belong to flammable, touch not Mars, when using, should pay attention to fire prevention and away from the water 10, storing, sleeping bag without should be hung in a dry store in the closet, should not be rolled up in a bag sleeping bags, sleeping bags of washing steps and try to reduce the time of the squeezed into a ball. You will probably want to know: what are the classification of the sleeping bag manufacturer to tell you there are three common sleeping bag shape, mi type, envelope type and beer barrel type. Ma mi also called mummy type or mummy, this sleeping bag shoulder width narrow feet, generally between 75 and 85 cm, shoulder width steps 35 to 45 cm width. Ma mi bag is the same weight to be able to achieve good heat preservation effect of sleeping bag shape, suitable for use in cold seasons; The envelope bag, as the name implies, shoulders and feet wide, like an envelope, this sleeping bag is loose, suitable shape and the warm summer season wide; Hybrid combination of both before sleeping bag, most is the envelope sleeping bag and a hat of microphones. The international popular sleeping bag is XiaoFangMao, streamlined body. Before the great circle of cap both increase the weight, and not conducive to keep warm. If nanjing Foerstine outdoor supplies company for all the 'sleeping bags of washing steps' to be of service, hope to be able to collect, if have what shortage of place, also hope you can point out to us, let us have more progress.
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