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Several common form - sleeping bag, the importance of _ Nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
For nanjing Foerstine outdoor companies you know something? Nanjing Foerstine outdoor supplies company's small make up today will bring about the importance of sleeping bags in detail, also let you know more about nanjing Foerstine outdoor company tent for the night sleeping bag really important? The accessories about sleeping bags to has very important use for us, no matter what we go camping or we can use it. Adult sleeping bags, for example, no matter what appearance, for material is divided into two kinds: one is down, another for chemical fiber cotton, feather has the very good warmth, light material and easy to carry. General down sleeping bags are a mixture of chemical fiber products, or by coarse feather bar filling, is not really a down sleeping bag. And sleeping bags in the form of a kind of fall into two categories is mummy type is a kind of envelope type, sleeping bag is a must to spend the night in the outdoor, outdoor camping goods temperature difference is big, the moisture is heavy, differ with blankets, sleeping bags are very good barriers moist air in the air, let your body not too much exposure to enrage sleeping bags, sleeping bags from a certain extent, to avoid the importance of rheumatism neck stiffness. Also, according to their own physical condition to choose different types of sleeping bags. You will probably want to know: what are the classification of the sleeping bag manufacturer to tell you there are three common sleeping bag shape, mi type, envelope type and beer barrel type. Ma mi also called mummy type or mummy, this camping sleeping bag shoulder width narrow feet, generally between 75 and 85 cm, shoulder width steps 35 to 45 cm width. Ma mi bag is the same weight to be able to achieve good heat preservation effect of sleeping bag shape, suitable for use in cold seasons; The envelope bag, as the name implies, shoulders and feet wide, like an envelope, this sleeping bag is loose, suitable shape and the warm summer season wide; Hybrid combination of both before sleeping bag, most is the envelope sleeping bag and a hat of microphones. International popular several common forms of sleeping bag is little importance of cap, streamlined body. Before the great circle of cap both increase the weight, and not conducive to keep warm. Through the introduction of this article, believe in the importance of 'sleeping bags' had certain understanding, if want to know the price, the sleeping bag manufacturer, nanjing Foerstine outdoor products company, and other related knowledge, please contact with us!
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