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Ready for the camping - camping sleeping bag should pay attention to the problem Nanjing city Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-30
Ready to camp camping camping sleeping bag should pay attention to the problem of camping needs to pay attention to? A, direction of travel as much as possible before the gathering area of the map and related information, coming to larger and obvious markers to do preliminary understanding. When there is contour map, can be scheduled route and direction is analyzed, such as: need to go over a few barrier, after several YaKou, rising and falling altitude roughly. This helps to determine the direction in the travel. Second, the waterproof problem in the rainy season or rainy areas, especially through a long period of time, such as waterproof and prepare adequately for the event will have a great deal of trouble. Such as: have no dry clothes to change, camera, battery, food and other goods damaged by wet. So before traveling to the activity area of the climate do understand, and make corresponding preparation. Three, the problem of drinking water in short crossing, known as hydrating difficulties should bring enough drinking water, about 2 litres per person per day ( If you don't need to do the FB meal) 。 Across long distances, the creek on the way to waterfalls, rivers, lakes and scrambled to water, but must observe its pollution situation, such as: water near the presence of human and animal activity, dead animals, presence of feces and other pollutants. When there is a lot of sediment in water to make the water precipitation more than 10 minutes. Leeches, more open and transparent container should be used when water, so as to timely find the water if there is a blood sucker. Four, the fire problem when travel to bring a more than one source, such as: lighters, A variety of types) , matches, steel, etc. Conditional best carry camping burner, tank or fuel tank. The camp fire should pay attention to when the camp is the fire area, or in addition to the survival needs not to violate compasses. Prepare some fine dry firewood (before the fire Than chopsticks slightly thin) , with its base in the bottom of the oven, and then to the rustic above the fire, lit joiner hard blow with the mouth, you can blow the fire burning. When it rains or firewood is wet, it can be split thick wood from the middle dry wood, fine cut after kindling ( At this point to a machete or other tools) 。 Five problems to find safe, camping, shelter, dry, level off the heights of the camp. At this time should pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as: is there a rock fall, how the wind, with and without Rolling Stones animals nest, honeycomb, etc. Try not to set up camp at the riverside, unless is water, water will not change. Camp does not matter on the water, more mosquitoes. Six, wild creature travel to prepare essential balm, wind, such as safflower oil drugs. Play legging can effectively prevent the leeches, snakes and other creatures attack on the leg. Viper haunted by a large number of land snake medicine can be prepared. Seven, nutritional supplement in field through a long time, the energy is used up big, sweat is much, the body vulnerable to loss of salt, electrolyte disturbance, the phenomenon such as malnutrition, it will seriously affect the physical and health, sometimes even dangerous. So be added in a timely manner. Eight, warm problem in many areas, Such as desert, mountains) Day and night temperature difference is bigger, some through the altitude rising big also can appear a few hours to have larger temperature difference ( The elevation of temperature rise will decline, - 6 degrees/vertical 1000 m) 。 Be sure to keep warm is a must, especially after sweating profusely and before going to bed. Other issues related to 1), Would rather go climbing and falling unless absolutely necessary, go more road, also don't try to dangerous climbing and falling, especially when crossing and weight alone. Such as when he has to climb down should be burdened, empty handed down, climbing and equipped with auxiliary rope or webbing sling 2) Balance at through danger ( Such as wooden bridge, wading, cliff, etc. ) Should remember the backpacks of chest and belt loose, to ensure the timely quickly unload and insurance car lost pawn 3) Subsequent to in addition to the special region ( Such as desert) Don't venture road, a lot of lost are occurred in the case of low visibility, and subsequent to slip easily. When had to go along, has a head lamp preparation is the best, the torch will take up a hand, not conducive to balance protection. 4) Wading in the unknown depth and underwater situations do not converse wade, ideas should be proved. Have beach shoes don't waded barefoot, as far as possible for easy to slip and scratches, and be careful of the stones in the water, they are often very sleek, accidentally will slip. Coping with water velocity before other wading fully estimated 5) Should be all the visible garbage left away. Long distance crossing should be at least the non-biodegradable trash, until there is unified garbage dumps. So the bag is must take. manufacturer to tell you for a long time how to prevent your feet up on foot blister? Adult sleeping bags: nanjing where the cheapest price? Relevant tags: sleeping bag manufacturers, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags, relevant information
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