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Plants and emergency quench method of outdoor quench thirst

by:Foerstine     2020-04-27
quench method of plant and emergency quench time: 2013 - 05 - 21 outdoors, we often face water shortages, do you know some plants can quench thirst and emergency is to quench your thirst? Many of the wild plants can be used to quench thirst, such as the black birch, tree birch juice to the north, sprig of vitis amurensis, acid plasmonic rhizome, banana stem, in the South Pole rattan, etc. < br /> the north spring, in a birch rod with 3 ~ 4 cm deep hole, insert a thin tube ( Made available birch bark) , through the holes into the container of juice can reach 1 ~ 2 liters per night. Birch liquid will soon be fermented in the air, so should be drinking immediately. The southwest frontier in the bamboo cane, named because of its similar to pole. It is a perennial plant, usually wrapped around the trunk. Rattan is about 5 ~ 6 meters long and cane like grey, and dark green leaves around 3 ~ 4 cm wide, oval, than the general leaves a bit thick. Cut off after the vine, you can see all the little bar broken, and will soon be out of drinkable water. Living in xishuangbanna dai hunter mountains, generally not to bring a kettle, depends on this natural kettle of water to quench thirst. < br /> tropical jungle and a water storage of bamboo, the bamboo growth at the two sides of the valley, usually about 10 cm in diameter, green tall and straight, bamboo about 50 cm long. Should first shake when choosing a bamboo water bamboo, listen to the sound whether there is water inside, no water ring don't have to cut the bamboo. In addition, check the bamboo appearance whether there is a bug, a bug in the bamboo water do not drink. Along the way is to bamboo a head cut open a hole, pour water into a bowl, also can cut a thin bamboo tubes inserted into the bamboo tube. In both the health of the water in the bamboo bamboo comes with a faint fragrance. Our frontier guards called 'upright cool spring'. < br /> if you can't find the thirst of plants, there is a very simple method of water. Australian pilots blah Ian slip, and used a plastic bag on a branch, the mouth tightly. Leaves the evaporation of moisture will take set in the bag. The warmer the weather, the greater the evaporation, the more you will get water. Using this method, in up to 1 liter of water every day. You can also use plastic sheets to collect dew. From midnight to dawn this time, the temperature gradually decreases, the moisture in the air condenses into dew, attached with a on the ground or plants. Morning plastic lay in the grass below, swaying grass, drop dew trickled down, many a mickle makes a muckle, and solvable thirst. < br /> in the case of water shortage, reasonable water to drink. The original can not drink, or only wet mouth and throat. There are, of course, not reluctantly endured thirst, as to make the body symptoms of water loss. Drink water to be done right, should take 'a small amount many times' approach. Tests showed that: a drink 1000 ml water, 380 ml of urine discharge; If 10 times to drink, each 80 ml, urine discharge only 80 ~ 90 ml, full use of the water in the body. Every day and night to drink no more than 500 ~ 600 ml, it within 5 ~ 6 days for the human body harmful effect will not occur. To urinate in a really without water, can also be the emergency quench thirst. In fact, urine is not polluted, just because of psychological effect, always feel hard to swallow. Conditional can do a filter, a small opening at the bottom of the bamboo tube, by the order in the gravel, sand, soil, broken charcoal. The urine excretion, holes below the water will flow out filtering.
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