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Photography knowledge: teach you clean digital camera?

by:Foerstine     2020-05-07
Photography knowledge: teach you clean digital camera? Time: 2011 08 - 24 < P> most digital camera can't install protection filter, or inconvenience. When shooting at ordinary times the lens on the bare outside it is easy to inadvertently make some dust, according to a fingerprint or left on a spit or something. Although the fingerprints, dust, water stains on the surface of the lens for imaging didn't have too big effect. < / P> < P> as long as not to let strong direct sunlight on the lens fog caused by glare. But how can you tolerate the beloved love camera camera lens into a look? It does not clean? Clean bai! < / P> < P> now lens are generally have a multi-layer coating, accidentally put coating abrasion. Lens chafed, cause irreparable damage to the lens. I really am wipe or not? My experience is that the camera is always wipe worse and worse, rather than the wipe the better, don't expect you can just factory with a brand new look back to the camera. So we suggest to don't wipe the lens. < / P> < P> open to clean before you have to prepare some tools. Lens, lens paper, water lens cloth, blowing balloons, absorbent cotton. Ok, below to begin. < / P> < P> with balloon blowing away dust, first individual blow not to walk with lens paper picking, must be careful, do not force. Take a little cotton wool, touch lens water, wet a little good, carefully glued to remain on the lens of dust and stains. This process is not hard to, otherwise easy to damage the camera. After ensure that no one could see surface dust particles, can he wiped. < / P> < P> prepare for several, small cotton ball pressure into the pie, size with the mirror a third advisable. Again to prepare the big cotton ball number and times into the pie, size with mirror two-thirds to three-quarters advisable, try not to let the cotton fiber is exposed on the working plane. With a small cotton ball dipped in water, do a little well, by the center for spiral wipe the mirror, don't go back. < / P> < P> and then, through the lens of water works, wipe gently with the big cotton ball in the same way mirror. If an effect is not satisfied, can come in time, but used cotton ball don't use. Must be careful not to let the lens water direct contact lens surface, must use the lens paper, otherwise it may damage the lens of the coating in the infiltration of water along the edge of the lens or lens, lens caused by fog, and even degumming. < / P> < P> no lens water? No relationship, yawning just toward the lens surface can be used instead. But must pay attention to: don't faint mouth when yawning just, should be an open mouth, I breathe gently, such ability won't spit out spittle. We as long as the lens surface to produce a layer of mist to go. < / P> < P> if the lens is made up of plastic lenses, it is best not to use water, also do not use a mixture of alcohol and ether to clean the lens. Be sure to brush or a way to breathe. < / P> < P> but I think, no matter how carefully wipe, is always have to mirror coating damage, so never to wipe the lens to you. Is to use the camera, not see. < / P>
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