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Personal summary of outdoor knowledge sharing

by:Foerstine     2020-05-16
Personal summary of outdoor knowledge sharing time: 2011 - 08 - 05 < P> a, go to outdoor activities, there are two kinds of people, one kind is to use good equipment or ordinary play outdoor equipment, hereinafter referred to as donkey of the masses. One is in outdoor camping goods play equipment or bright SAO equipment; Hereinafter referred to as equipment donkey; < / P> < P> 2, with domestic outdoor equipment is the true travelers, with foreign high-end equipment is a pseudo multi-worlds, of course, is just one part of laughing; < / P> < P> three, so the climbing mountains is a good place, bright SAO equipment abroad through hiking is a good place to bright SAO domestic equipment; < / P> < P> 4, outdoors, no matter what kind of equipment is carried out in the outdoors, so with great white bag mock with polar package is wrong, it is wrong to scorn shanzhai bird hard shell charge uniform; < / P> < P> 5, outdoor camping goods clothes and shoes the most cultured is fabrics, plenty. Have the GORE - 特克斯、H2NO、事件、干燥 Tec, omni - 科技、HYVENT事件,东丽,管道,新保适,Capilene, POLARTEC, PRIMALOFT, POLARMATE, FILTERTEC WetFree,等,等。 Memorize these, the donkey can disguise be half a professional equipment; Six, foreign brands: bird bird, nut, bata, scaling a rat, earth rat, matchstick, Colombia, granite, Wolf claws, north face, elephant, ward, Dortmund, black yaks, black diamond, decathlon, GREGRY, DANA DESIGN, OSPREY, OR, MILLET, RAB, SLOO, mont. . . bell、Leki、Salomon、MSR、AKU、AIGLE、Bridgedale、Bergans、BEAL、Bolle、Chaco、CerroTorre、CAMP、Therm- A- 休息,钱工艺、白云石、EUROHIKE Evernew, FERRINO 5。 10 GARMONT Koflach、HBNature KARRIMOR, KELTY, Kovea, Lafuma,劳AIPINE, LAKEN, SIGG, La矛盾,'洛瓦,疯狂的石头,大师,SimondSuunto,塞拉设计,雪 峰、SWANY Teva,进行,Treksta Vasque, ZAMBERLAN, Victorinox, Odlo, FoxRiver, Hillbeberg, EVERNEW, PowerBar,助教,鸭嘴兽,VASQU, INOV, KOVEA, ZAMBERLAN,标量,浅黄色,大艾格尼丝,Golite等等。 < / P> < P> all memorize, half bright SAO expert said too much; < / P> < P> 7, domestic brands: the pole star, video card, sound ACME industries, the sea, Ozark, pureland, rock, snow Wolf, fire maple, love the water and electricity, hw ul gear, slip and black ice, peak, dragon bird, polar, oxygen, pathfinder, keller, Sherpa, kay figure peak, animal husbandry gaudi, muztagh ata, elder brother's code, o man, ou are na, pan bede, lotte, emperor king lion, ACME, LUXE, ANEMAQEN, BACK, estoy aqui, PACKERS, etc all by heart, can go to the outdoor camping goods shop when a half an honorary adviser; < / P> < P> eight, if a qualified travelers must be equipped with a lifetime, needless to say, must be GORE - TEX scale garment pants and hard Shell, it is best to Pro Shell; < / P> < P> 9, don't have no other choice but dog is dead! The answer is yes, the EVENT, the second best choice, no two; < / P> < P> 10 and want to keep warm, also see today, still want to count down jacket. Pile types, volume, these will focus on salt RongLiang, fabrics, more than 7500 meters, direct purchase even sure not wrong; < / P> < P> 11, in addition to the down jacket, what is the warm, needless to say, POLARTEC PRO fleece and PRIMALOFT ONE warm fiber is definitely a choice; R4 and monkey < / P> < P> 12, bright SAO must know is a matchstick abroad, elephants, there is love in the mountain of rat, EUROHIKE, domestic water and electricity, hw UL gear, slip, etc. , into all these, not far from the bankruptcy is < / P> < P> 13 in outdoor cooking time, want how compelling, an awning + grave account + alcohol furnace + + UL folding stool wood stove, ensure that at the beginning of many donkeys to come over to watch; < / P> < P> 14, bata C3, C4 and COOLMAX, thermal underwear, needs a set of best, can't afford to buy, how quickly it in at least 100 of that kind of functional underwear. Pure cotton of that kind of, stay at home to wear just right, sweat can do outdoors kills people; < / P> < P> 15, want to set the waterproof, heat preservation, light and bright SAO, the only choice only soft shell; < / P>
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