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Outside the trilogy that shield an eye

by:Foerstine     2020-05-04
Time for outdoor camping goods eyecare trilogy: 2013 - 03 - 06 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods skills < center> < / center> < br /> to outdoor camping goods travel, sand harassment and mosquito strong lips, often confused by our eyes and the beauty of the sight is like concealed, the picture to see no lens, travel back eyes still faint ache,,, these, whether to allow you to express fear of outdoor travel? Don't be nervous, blessed before departure, westin action for you, let you travel without regret! ! ! < br /> the first step: to prevent the sand. In the riding process, the speed of the car, mainly in can reach a few tens of kilometers per hour, this time we put the open hole exposed, the wind blowing straight is undoubtedly a great damage to the eyes. In the case of a plus if you meet up the sand, eyes will easily get into the sand, with the wind is blowing, if not protected protection will naturally cause of trachoma, eyes also often red congestion. To avoid this situation, if you ride a motorcycle, can put forward a wind lens helmet to stop the wind. If it is to ride a bicycle, you can wear that compare joint face wind glasses effect will be better. < br /> the second step: to block the sun ultraviolet rays and glare. Outdoors during the day, the dazzling sunshine often according to the people of the eyesight whiting to but it's hard to say, must have needless to say this feeling can be felt. Is like a bright light shone in the dark night art, can make the person temporary blindness. So for a long time, can make eye cataracts. Avoid bright lights that harm the eyes of the most effective way is to take a sun glasses, don't look strong light. < br /> the third step: to reduce avoid visual fatigue. We often to block the sun's intense light will bring the sun glasses, but the general sunglasses in block glare at the same time also reduces the ambient light, can let a person cannot clearly distinguish the marker around, increasing the burden of the eyes, let your eyes transition tension cause visual fatigue. Some have effect of polarized sunglasses can make up for this deficiency, in the sunlight at the same time enhance the resolution of surrounding buildings, reduce the burden of vision of the eye. < br /> eye protection is a very important thing, we need to start from the details in the bike trip, remember when ready to travel and equipment suitable to your sun glasses on.

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