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Outdoors on a boat in distress survival skills

by:Foerstine     2020-04-15
Time outdoors on a boat in distress survival skills: - 2013 04 - 18 of outdoor camping goods white water rafting, mind, and then blink out of the misty rain jiangnan, or white water rafting, alone or with him/her tells the touching feelings. But, this may seem like romantic outdoor sports, also hidden crisis. Some survival knowledge about outdoor camping goods on a boat, you know? < br /> < br /> 1 < br /> the water saving methods, the shore, 1) Pull line throwing relief law: a person live in the shore line throwing be make sure that the other person to pull one end of the line throwing jumped into the water to save! ( Note: used with the quickdraw, meet an emergency quickly escape.
( 2) Throw line throwing rescue method: throw line throwing to BeiJiuZhe downstream within 50 cm, rescue experience tells us that the best into the head ( Above) Because the people wander in water faster than line throwing.
( 3) Threw the rope tied down the shore stone relief method: rope tied down the shore boulders, trees, rescuers jumped into the water to save, hold, will flow person nature to the shore, Rescue fewer than to use) 。 < br /> 2, waters of the river full save < br /> ( 1) Inflatable canoe rescue method: using the inflatable canoe to the sandbar, sinopec, across the river.
( 2) BeiJiuZhe river in sinopec staff throw line throwing to shore, the shore has jumped into the water to ensure the emergence. < br /> 3, water to water saving method < br /> ( 1) Rowing near ( Them) , let him hold your stern, smooth flow floats and boating dock ( Slowly 'pool area to apply) 。
( 2) Rowing take one end of the line throwing to ( Them) After rescuers fast boat ashore and jumped off the boat pulls the rope, let BeiJiuZhe natural shore ( River is broad, the line is not long enough as applicable) 。 < br /> 4, save your < br /> ( 1) To use ( IRIA) The basic action to pool area ashore < br /> ( 2) Looking for safer to swim ashore and flip ashore on < br /> ( 3) Pull the grass, trees and hold large < br /> ( 4) Legend: must seize the ship, or on the boat again, with canoes float is safe! < br /> 5, save the OARS < br /> ( 1) To shout out OARS, OARS out) , below ship friends attention help pick < br /> ( 2) Into stockpiles, roll back search < br /> ( 3) Downstream pool area looking for < br /> ( 4) Urgent to build the oar: use two Y branches, cooperate with line throwing or tape < br /> 6, pick up to paddle < br /> ( 1) Using tug line set of big hooked blade back to < br /> D ( 2) 。 Overlapping rowing back to < br /> ( 3) Gently tossed into the fine stone shore or static water area < br /> 7, get out < br /> left the canoe: < br /> ( 1) Determine the ships to park to the appropriate location to avoid drifting away < br /> ( 2) Carry when walking along the shore line throwing, in case of emergency ( If someone or vessel drift can immediately rescue drowning) 。

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