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Outdoors indoors how to guard against lightning strikes

by:Foerstine     2020-05-13
Outdoors indoors how to guard against lightning strikes time: 2012 - 03 - 15 sources: tent author: outdoor knowledge many experts through many years of observation found that lightning occurs mainly in the evening to the morning, the southern slope of the mountain than the north slope of the mountain; Alongside lake side slope ground lightning than back lake on the other side of the hill; In a certain region within the scope of towering prominent building, chimney, haystack are vulnerable to lightning; In the wilderness is not a high building, such as in the field for the rest of the hut, GuaPeng, pavilion, etc are vulnerable to lightning; Roof, flat-topped house corner, parapet, protrusions are vulnerable to lightning; Hold the metal objects in the wilderness of people vulnerable to lightning; < br /> A, encountered A sudden thunderstorm, can drop, reduce its height, the feet together at the same time, reduce the harm done by the step voltage. Because when lightning to the ground, along the surface gradually gradually release energy. At this point, walk in the front foot and back foot might be due to the potential difference between the different, and produce certain voltage between two steps. < br /> B, don't shelter under the tree. Because after the rain, the tree damp branches is equivalent to a lead thunder device, if by walking the tree, as if by hand to help the lightning rod. When it thunders best far from the tree 5 meters. < br /> C, not at the edge of the water, Jiang, river, lake, sea, pond, drainage, etc. ) , depressions, quickly into dry housing near the shelter, the mountains to find the house, you can took shelter from the rain or a cave under the rocks. < br /> D, don't stay with metal objects in the thunder storm, because the metal object belongs to the conductive material, in the thunderstorm weather can sometimes have the effect of lead thunder. All of metal items, should be in 5 meters away [ Tent] Stop back again after lightning activity. < br /> E, grounding line, do not touch or close to the water pipe, with electrical grounding wire, the tree trunk may be due to lightning charged objects, such as in case of contact voltage or lightning and side stroke. < br /> F, thunderstorms weather, it is best not to answer and dial the mobile phone in the outdoor, because the mobile phone electromagnetic wave will also lead thunder. G, the thunderstorm weather, go out, had better wear rubber shoes, so that we can have the effect of insulation. < br /> H, don't stand on the top of the hill, on the roof, or other close to the high electrical conductivity of the object. < br /> I, do not swim or engaging in other water sports, unfavorable for outdoor ball games, leaving the surface as well as other empty Spaces, looking for shelter. < br /> J, unable to hide in the wilderness into a lightning protection facilities within the building, stay away from trees and mast. < br /> K, in the empty Spaces is unfavorable, badminton racket, golf clubs, etc is unfavorable to carry on the shoulder. < br /> L, should not drive motorcycles, riding a bicycle. < br /> M, oil tanker, lightning protection, can drag a chain behind the block. < br /> N, people ride in the car generally will not suffer lightning attack, because the car is a closed metal body, has the very good lightning protection electricity function. The expert reminds, rides confronted with thunder don't stick out your head hand outside the window. < br /> O, some people think that it's safe to come inside, but with the increase of modern microelectronics products, for the telecommunications, electronics product depends on the degree of increasing, induction thunder also caused by cable to a great extent, threatening the safety of residents, so the interior of the citizens of lightning protection has become a compulsory course. < br /> indoor lightning protection: < br /> A, thunder, the first thing to do is shut the doors and Windows, prevent thunder drifting in direct indoor or prevent ball lightning. < br /> B, indoors will leave into the door of the metal pipes and connected with the roof drain, etc. < br /> C, thunderstorm weather, try not to make and receive calls, or use the telephone to the Internet, unplug the power and telephone lines and feeder to introduce lightning, metal wires. Err on the side of scientific way is to install power supply arrester in the power cord, install a telephone on the telephone line lightning arrester, [ Camping tents] On the day of feeder installation day feed lightning arrester and well grounded. < br /> D, keep dry, leak, the house should be repaired in time. < br /> E, power supply cord into the homes of insulator feet should be ground handling, three-phase electrical outlet should be connected to ground wire. < br /> F, drying clothes, etc with wire don't pull to Windows, door, just in case the wire lead thunder deadly incident. < br /> G, not in isolation of the pavilion, hut took shelter from the rain and home stay, pay attention to avoid wire, don't stand under the light bulb, it is best to power or do not use electrical appliances. < br /> how to guard against lightning indoors outdoors tags: lightning, lightning protection, outdoor camping goods lightning
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