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Outdoor use skill of the stove

by:Foerstine     2020-05-09
use skill of stove time: 2013 - 05 - 15 often go to outdoor camping hiking friends all know that the stove to us the importance of the outdoor life, a simple stoves, can provide our camping life with cooked food, safeguard travel unobstructed. That do you know how clever use stove, make its best effect? Buy with furnace note < br /> a new stove before expect it to travel, first ignition test at home. Easy to solve issues at home; In the wild, the problem maybe will mean disaster. < br /> will be carefully on the backpack stoves and fuel side bags, sleeping MATS or a special oven box, from food and clothes. < br /> to bring for you the stove or fuel bottle nozzle clean needle, the burner bags bring important spare parts. Maintenance of the furnace in general is very simple: learn to acknowledge the existence of the problem, and repair before they become necessary. < br /> in the gas ( The gas) Or kerosene in the stove before, check the water and sediment in the fuel. Fuel condensation happens sometimes in the process of storage, especially in the half full in the container, using a filter funnel for filtering, so as to avoid sediment jam fuel pipe. < br /> when in the snow, uneven ground or special circumstances of emergency cooking fires on the bottom of the tent, the use of a furnace base. < br /> if the efficiency is not too high can clean the stove, the stove because excessive carbon burning only worsen the situation. < br /> in order to improve the efficiency of using a mouth tightly the pan with lid and use windbreak. A under moderate wind blowing furnace head without any protection may take two times as long to boil a pot of water, and a completely surrounded windproof board is one of the most effective, but make sure that it will not too much heat to direction of gas canisters. < br /> cooking blame, because it is fast to absorb heat in a reflective silver pot. Belching chimney smoke can put the bottom of the pot black. A heat exchanger can further reduce the boiling water and fuel consumption rate and time on the long journey it becomes very important.
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