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Outdoor use result of the military and outdoor sports

by:Foerstine     2020-04-27
use result of the military and outdoor sports time: 2011 - 10 - Source: 17 tents author: < p> outdoor sports use military outdoor camping goods tents, the advantage is obvious, military products of good quality, sturdy, stand the test of harsh environment field. Our army military are cheaper. Foreign real military, as long as it's not the collection, the price than the same kind professional outdoor products are not much expensive. All these advantages make military showed good applicable in outdoor sports and lasting vitality, many donkeys are more or less have some military equipment. < / p> < p> however, military design concept, after all, the applicable objects and outdoor sports. Will result in military are different in some ways to replace professional outdoor gear, and cannot completely replace. < / p> < p> this difference, some aspect is fundamental, even the most obvious example is the color of the military, coating to camouflage in the first place: green, all kinds of camouflage is given priority to, and outdoor sports equipment more eye-catching, bright. On this issue, and also I think in the proper use of outdoor sports in military primary factor to consider. < / p> < p> the outdoors not fighting, there is no need to disguise. I saw some friends camouflage to activity in the mountain forests, always a little worried. I basically not full use of military products, especially camouflage equipment, except, of course, 'military uniform'. If it is like complete sets of the military, 'and then choose and environmental difference between color. Such as using the jungle desert camouflage, desert land use woodland camouflage. But don't familiar with the environment it is better to wear a few more bright-coloured. < / p> < p> different military and professional outdoor equipment also reflect on the design features, the functions of military is in operational service, equipment, clothing, shoes and hats, bags are from convenient operational consideration. Many pockets, hang is designed to weapons, with special equipment, is not applicable to outdoor sports. At the same time, the military for weight and volume of consideration is very strict, simple design, can reduce some unnecessary equipment. < / p> < p> accompanied by, is the military mostly on comfort than professional outdoor equipment. In addition to the design thinking of reasons for this, and cost factors. Fukui on a large number of equipment, consumption is very big, limited military has to deal with amazing weapons spending. In our country national condition, it is hard to imagine millions of the people's liberation army soldiers lafuma backpack a 1000 yuan per person. Backpack is less than 100 yuan of 91 type, everyone a also far failed to do. As far as I'm using experience, military few more comfortable than the similar professional outdoor gear. Such as boots as hiking shoes is comfortable, wear plastic wading is only a temporary solution rather than the best choice. < / p> < p> in the end, the quality of foreign military work tends to good equipment, but the body of the many is not very suitable for Chinese characteristics, such as the shape of a shoe, dress waistline. But because of the common equipment of our army is not human, more so, a lot of times to foreign military is more comfortable. < / p>
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