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Outdoor use nature to judge the time method

by:Foerstine     2020-05-07
use nature to judge the time method of time: 2011 - 09 - 27 < P> if there are no clocks in outdoor camping goods and want to know the time, what should you do? According to the basic knowledge of earth's rotation and revolution of the moon, when during the day but by the movement of the sun, the evening of the moon can be made of the move to determine the right time, but it has relationship with season, latitude and longitude, so also is not very accurate. < / P> < P> if you are carrying ones or compass, can stand in the center of the north arrow or a compass a match and ones or the needle turn south to north, observe the matchstick shadow refers to the direction of the pole shadow pointing to the west ( W) Is in the morning, rod shadow pointing to the east ( E) Is the afternoon, rod (shadow pointing north N) Is noon, according to the rod shadow moving trajectory can be ascertained and 6 a. m to 6 p. m. < / P> < P> can also cause a simple sundials: use two piece of cardboard, complement and resettlement, according to the local latitude above a piece of cardboard mouth clockwise from 1 to 24 paintings good carriage, insert the needle in the middle of the carriage. Resettlement sundial carriage should be to the north. - in March September can be placed according to the method on the carriage, 10 - In February, should be bottom-up insert needle against the cardboard on top and on the back of the draw the carriage according to the counter clockwise direction. < / P> < P> can use. at the time the moon at night, the moon takes about 12 hours from east to west, and the average turn about 15 degrees per hour, can be combined with the phases of the moon and the moon at that time the location of the observation time. < / P> < P> according to the movement of the stars measuring time, one of the most simple is from the north to bear quantity bucket bottom concave side beta star led an imaginary straight line, imagine the line represents the pointer of the clock, the north star location for the center of the carriage, can measure the time like to read 12 digital clock, this needs to be in the clear night sky at ordinary times when combining your watch time often watch the starry sky, remember, when use it running around here like a pro. < / P>
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