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Outdoor travel tips

by:Foerstine     2020-05-06
Time for outdoor camping goods mountain travel tips: 2011 - 11 - Author: 19 source: tent camping tents < p> the mountain: the upper relax and forward, natural bent his knees, his legs after strengthening the pedal force, with all the soles of your feet on the ground or the outside of my feet, can also be used before the soles of your feet on the ground, stride slightly smaller, faster pace, with two arms two legs coordination effectively. < / p> < p> setting: upright or later back, knees peg-leg, heel first, two arms and a smaller body center of gravity down steadily. Do not walk or run too fast, so as not to hurt the joints or pull a muscle. < / p> < p> slope is steep, down the hill on along the 'of' glyph to reduce the slope road. When necessary, also can use half a squat, sideways, or walking down the hill. < / p> < p> by sliding moss and snow hill: in addition to using the above method, can also use tools such as shovel, pick, mining and the steps, the resistance or dig with hands and feet, legs, three support, crawling climbing move a little way. < / p> < p> through the jungle, dial out the branch with the hand, should be paid attention to when shrubs prevent hook poking body, vegetation of not familiar with, don't pick, to prevent stabbed, and try to choose a good course. < / p> < p> through rocky mountain; Through rocky pumice, feet should be landing in alcoves or protruding parts, as far as possible), solid strong trees, to assist in climb into. When necessary, should be tempted trampled stones, in order to prevent the loose stones fell down. < / p> < p> climbing skills < / p> < p> hands when climbing work closely to maintain the stability of body center of gravity, strong applicability of continuous observation, test points. Use the grassroots, or branches climb, should hold the centre of gravity is trying to pull hard, in order to avoid dangerous because of the grassroots branches suddenly loose. < / p> < p> when soloing ( Three fixed climbing method) : it is using convex concave part of the walls, with three fixed point mobile climbing the walls. Climbing, prone to stick in the rock wall body, with his hands a feet are fixed, a foot to move or two foot fixed, mobile hand posture, use hand pull, pull, hold and pedal force, moving up the body. < / p> < p> the rope climbing: both hands hold the rope, the body suspension and slightly lift the legs, with two leg medial and lateral grip the rope, his legs with push the rope between its legs, hands alternately pull up. Or directly hold the rope, two tactics unbend leg two prolapse, hands alternating force pull-ups, upward climb to the peak. < / p> < p> pull rope climbing: refers to the top, fixed ropes with pedal hand to pull the rope pull up, prove that there is climbing method, the upper slightly forward, rope on two legs, two hands in the rope climbing alternately pull up. At the same time, a pedal, prove that there is a push to the foot looked ready to prove that, with the hand pull, pedal force moving up the body. < / p> < p> the rope climbing: is fixed at one end of the rope body horizontal hung on the rope climb mountain stream, stream, etc. When crossing hands grip rope, before and after abdominal closed, one leg knee nest hanging ropes, the body up hang below the rope, hips slightly lift, two arms of 90 °. Forward, after shaking hands forward, from down to up side leg to swing, and knee nest hanging in the rope. When one leg knee nest hang rope, a rope swing leg left. Two arms, two legs, in turn, coordination, alternate to move forward. < / p> < p> hold the trenches: insert the rod end groove is fixed, and leaning against the wall on edge about 70 °, the more hold, run after a few steps to grip point projection line, hands clenched poles apart (up and down Strong hands on) 。 < / p> < p> at the same time, with a quick and powerful ground jump, leaping forward above the body and suspension in side poles, borrow two arms swinging forward inertia force will bar goes forward, after vertical plane of the body with the rod, two legs, shake hands under the backward strut, lean forward, knees buffer on the ground. < / p> < p> standing position jump: stand on the edge of the walls, bend his legs slightly apart, the body forward, two feet slightly push hard on the edge of the walls, jump falls down, feet on the ground, before the knees buffer. < / p> < p> trailer jumped: body jump backward direction, squat down body, hands to dig to live on the edge of the walls, the body down, his legs stretched out in turn, make body drape, and slightly to the left ( Right) Move, left ( Right) Hands move buttresses, hands push pedal sparkling turn, at the same time the soles of your feet first, with the knees buffer. < / p>
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