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Outdoor travel ten fun outdoor equipment

by:Foerstine     2020-05-09
Time for outdoor camping goods travel ten interesting outdoor camping goods equipment: 2011 - 12 - Author: 01 source: camping tent camping tents < p> basic facilities and services for domestic travel and international travel are many, to make the tough life maintain long-distance travel 'luxury' and 'enjoy', the following ten alternative equipment for reference: < / p> < p> a, scarves, walking in the woods, spider web is often the, let it put on the hair, a day, scarf do not block line of sight, pictures don't touch the frame, still can dispense to wipe the sweat. A small cloth, still can make towels, or scarf, warm when necessary. < / p> < p> 2, cane, telescopic, when necessary, catch wild dogs, do stand alone, open mow grass. < / p> < p> three, flying saucer: as the long distance car fruit tray, cutting/writing pad, dishes, small basin/water, land and water the same entertainment supplies, multi-function and put into the package does not occupy a volume. It's a pity that seems to have not easy to buy. < / p> < p> 4, slingshot: cities make, field practice, increase fun when walking, playing wild fruit, such as environmental weapons. < / p> < p> 5, private card: no scary titles, showing off the company, telephone, address, E - 木球游戏。 Obviate writing repeatedly, the gentleman, light like water. < / p> < p> 6, large plastic table linen: sunny days spread on the lawn, lazy, rain man and package cover, poncho don't belt, waterproof clothing, not a rainy day or sleep, or swimming, or, I move on. < / p> < p> 7, easy cloth, which can make bath towel, gorge waterfalls, a swim under the eyes of the public, in pants so, sunscreen and shawls for MM, hotel bed sheet is dirty and take it when the sheets. Thailand's tight skirt is the most suitable, still can do a skirt. Go out in the outside, occasionally wear, night fair, afraid of what, think re-building pat, I'm dai. < / p> < p> eight, toiletry bags, use do not say, in good order. < / p> < p> 9, seal bag, every time go out, take 10, wet clothing, buy snacks, all can load. Plastic bags don't seal often spoil the broth. < / p> < p> ten, playing CARDS, play CARDS,, calculate fortune-telling is a critical moment, as a road sign, 54, a 100 meters, 5400 meters to write. Leave a message, also on the CARDS for future generations, of course, how to more eye-catching. Is also a learning. < / p>
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