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Outdoor travel see cloud identify good weather

by:Foerstine     2020-05-07
travel see cloud recognition time for good weather: - 2011 08 - 31 < P> the weather for outdoor camping goods activities is very important, because a dangerous condition are mostly caused by the sudden change in the weather. In order to better enjoy the outdoor life, listen to the weather forecast at the same time, we still need to master a certain knowledge of climate, weather, learn to look at cloud makes I can calmly cope with the changes in the weather. < / P> < P> here are a few clouds form, one word 'product' says that the shapes of clouds are block, a 'layer' the word says the sky is full of dark clouds. The distribution of each type are given about the altitude, the higher the clouds, the weather is better. In the polar regions, the same type of clouds will appear at lower elevations of the sky. < / P> < P> (cumulus: small round piece of cumulus clouds, looked like corrugated, often referred to as 'mackerel sky', usually five thousand - 8 km altitude, general bodes there will be a sunny day. < / P> < P> altocumulus: similar to the roll of cumulus clouds, warning the weather is good, but its coverage is wider, thicker clouds Bai Zhongyou dark. Usually appears after heavy rains, suspended at an altitude of five thousand - 6 km. < / P> < P> cumulonimbus: for lower-level thundercloud, color black and dark clouds. The towering clouds up to 6 km, the top flat clouds is called the anvil. Cumulonimbus clouds often bring strong wind storm, thunder and lightning. The upper similar false cirrus clouds, the top similar false rain clouds. < / P> < P> cumulus: very easy to identify, fluffy white clouds, like the clouds of cotton wool, floating in the air. If apart from each other means that is a wonderful sunny day, but if the development is more and more big, the front end is becoming more and more are likely to bring a sudden rainstorm. Located in the maritime cumulus clouds in the sky, usually show that land is near, is generally not more than 2500 meters high. < / P> < P> a roll cloud: high-level wispy cloud formed by ice crystals, which is why it looks pure white, often referred to as the horse cloud. They also usually means it's sunny, 5000 ~ 9000 meters high. < / P> < P> volume layer cloud: formed by ice particles, the grain looks like white clouds, these are the only can produce the halo around the sun or the moon in the clouds. If cloud volume layer extension, means that the weather is sunny; If volume layer cloud, it's going to rain means; If the sky hangs over the cirrus, upper cirrus clouds darken the sky, gradually formed cumulus clouds, the herald the coming of the rain and snow. < / P> < P> altostratus: under the sunlight or moonlight shine, looks like a gray curtains. If wet air near the cloud disk disappeared, the clouds thick, dark, until the rain, up to 2500 ~ 6000 meters high. < / P> < P> the rain clouds: for low-level clouds, hanging in the air and mean that there will be rain within 4 hours, usually lasts for a few hours. < / P> < P> stratocumulus: low-level imbricate cloud, usually covering the sky. With thin clouds, the sun can be transmitted. They may be thunder shower, but generally will disappear in the afternoon, leave a piece of clear and bright sky. Below 2500 m. < / P> < P> layer of cloud: cloud, like a fog in the air, just began to appear often mistaken for a mountain fog. They are not naturally rain cloud, but also can form a drizzle. If it thicker in the night, covering the air in the morning, usually it is a sunny day, no more than 2500 meters high. < / P>
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