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Outdoor travel necessary knowledge and skills

by:Foerstine     2020-05-08
Outdoor travel necessary knowledge and skills of time: 2011 - 12 - 08 source: camping tents, author: camping tents < p> when we are hiking in the mountains, you want to get to the destination, usually have the easiest path is right, there are also get lost can safely escape path exists. < / p> < p> want to develop the way to find the right path is to depend on experience. If in a clear mountain on foot. Can follow the obvious footprint or landmarks and the destination. But, like this kind of regular path once fog, or at night, would be easy to get lost. At this time, with the experience to develop pathfinding skills can come in handy. < / p> < p> normal route search skill must be through the usual field activities to accumulate. For example: usually get into the habit of reference map and compass at any time, at the same time actively observe the surrounding terrain and to determine the location of the right side of the plants, use of environment detection azimuth. < / p> < p> if you got lost in the cloudy day, can rely on the growth of moss on trees or rocks state to learn. In the northern hemisphere in terms of trees, the leaves grow lush side is to the south. If cut trees, tree rings by wide side wet with moss side is to the north. < / p> < p> the sun from the east and the west, this is the most basic method of identifying the direction of the stick into a shadow method may also be used to measure, enough to a shadow in the sun, on flat ground vertical a straight rod, put a stone on the top of the stick the shadow, the shadow of the stick will move as the sun moves. 30 - — After 60 minutes, again at the top of the stick shadow put another piece of stone. < / p> < p> and then draw a straight line between the two stones, in the middle of the line draw a perpendicular intersect with the straight line. Then left foot is on the first mark points, the second marker point right foot in. ZhanLiZhe positive is true north at this moment, the back of the south, the right hand is east, and left for the west. < / p> < p> usually aimed at north star in the northern hemisphere. Night use Polaris to identify the direction of the key is in the vast xinghai, accurately find the north star. There are many ways to know the method of the pole star, here introduces a kind of simple and effective: < / p> < p> the first search of arytenoid the big dipper, to scoop the handle of the two stars on the interval extension of the five times, you can find the north star in the straight line. General specifically call this two structure on the handle of the star point planet. If can't see the big dipper, looking for the fairies in the opposite direction signs of the zodiac, fairy queen constellation, which is formed by five stars they look like English letters M or W tend to be the shape of a party. < / p> < p> from the fairy queen a star in the constellation draw a straight line, and in almost the same distance of the big dipper to Polaris can find the north star. Polaris's direction is north. < / p>
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