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Outdoor travel multi-worlds defense

by:Foerstine     2020-04-20
Outdoor travel multi-worlds defense operation time: 2011 - 08 - < P> a, air-conditions, 18. < / P> < P> rob mostly in force, in addition to property damage, are more likely to cause personal injury, therefore must have a high degree of awareness, the donkey travels bring best knives, sticks, iron, wood, such as self-defense tool, called the heart of the people do not, should try to avoid talking with strange people in the travel, especially suspicious person, more should be ready to tailer, practical and pay attention to the movements of the suspicious personnel, clenched hand tools, for its wide 'donkey' eyes, stare, general researchers found that high vigilance team relatively will carefully laid hands on him. < / P> < P> if I found the other number, be sure to fold your own team, remind fellow travelers, reasonably adjust lead personnel and closeout crew, deployment of weapons in the ace! ! ! ! < / P> < P> 2, the steak. < / P> < P> the pickpocket commit crime is relatively 'civilization', but usually a gas, especially, for those more difficult, so it is best to separate precious belongings, might as well put cash to separate a few pockets, to avoid crowded with people, with the hand tight carrying goods. < / P> < P> 3, fraud prevention. < / P> < P> if anyone cheated, more because of a 'greedy' word, travel is important to note: heaven won't fall pie! ! ! ! Don't be penny wise and pound foolish, bring harm to oneself. Pay attention to try not to drink, eat a stranger food, meet people about things keep a safe distance. Try not to watch as you encounter emergencies. < / P> < P> all in all, travel to safety first, scenery ZuiYan, also don't forget the security alert! ! ! < / P> < P> wish the multi-worlds safe, smooth, peace to circle! ! ! ! < / P>
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