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Outdoor travel camping and snow of the camp

by:Foerstine     2020-05-03
travel time: camping and snow of the camp - 2011 08 - 16 < P> outdoor camping is a kind of quite light and don't need other supplies gas material for the night, usually divided into the plan and meet the conditions, some climbers use approximate Sparta way out, fast forward to achieve expected to use the shortest time, and plan to meet an emergency must be sleeping is very uncomfortable, is likely to be injured, lost in the bad weather or condition, such as general climbers to sleep on the way is to be carefully planned to carry enough equipment, food and clothing, even if not camped out emergency meeting as planned can survive, using the sleeping bag or simple tents. < / P> < P> one thousand hollowed backpack, can meet the emergency sleeping bag set into the lower body and raincoat wrapped the rest part, low altitude generally acceptable to sleep on, because it can make a fire to cook some hot drinks will be more comfortable and clothes do not need to bring too much, but most of the sleeping would not be so comfortable, climbing out should be fixed to ensure their own safety and the stability of equipment, and then took off his wet boots, change in dry socks, dry clothes, or don't let the snow stays in the body, be shot falling snow, loosen your belt or recognize what will hinder the qi and blood circulation of the belt body, put on enough clothes again, as to how many clothes is enough, not been determined, < / P> < P> it depending on one's own field experience, physiology, psychological factors, the choice of camp had better stay away from the water source, grassland, trails and other campers, choose the best camp some tilt so easy don't need to dig a drainage, drainage away from the water at least 50 meters, avoid water pollution, as far as possible don't camp Yu Xigu can be very cold, had better choose a hillock protrusion topography or dome. < / P> < P> camp best choice toward the east, because the sunrise will bask in the sun to make tents, tent warm, open and valleys are not suitable for camping, because the cold air to condense in the evening. Best placed inside the sleeping bag XueQi when camping, clothing, must wear the wool hat and socks, so warm, also with camera and film, so to moistureproof, get up will not occur at the same time. < / P> < P> awake before dawn, thirsty, drink first, put clothes in the warm clothes to wear inside the sleeping bag, or puts warm bag, then eat some high heat action, to drink some water, so it is easy to fall asleep, because it is a sign of dehydration to make the body feel cold in the body, if I can't sleep again, use headlights to see some books, emotional to sleep. < / P>
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