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Outdoor tents introduction

by:Foerstine     2020-04-27

in outdoor activities, before leaving, whether you are going to outdoor stand to buy tents, or renting the outdoor tent, you must according to your local weather conditions not correctly choose your outdoor tent. < / p > < p > a, first of all, you must have a double tents. Although it has some use high-tech fabrics of single-layer tent has very good waterproof effect, but the price is expensive, and mainland China have yet to see sales, so we temporarily not to mention it. < / p > < p > 2, double tents outside account mostly adopt waterproof materials with good effect, and waterproof coating on the surface has better waterproof effect. When choosing a tent, can personally do waterproof test. < / p > < p > 3, pay special attention to the account of sutures outside some place if there is a pressure glue, glue, because if there is no pressure rainwater easily by sutures seeps into the tent. < / p > < p > four, if your area, it is to belong to the rainy weather, go out camping is very easy to encounter rain, suggest you tents when the choose and buy, choose the sort of account outside the skirt a little bit longer. < / p > < p > 5, in fact, a lot of tent leaking situation mostly because tents at the bottom of the material do not pass, so choose, don't ignore the check the tents at the bottom of the materials have relatively high waterproof performance, see if there are any more pressure the suture line at the bottom of the glue. < / p > < p > by the way, how strong the tent at the bottom of the material will be because of your negligence, sharp tax by the wild rocks or broken branches, and if one but burst, would seriously affect the waterproof effect, suggest you go out on a rainy day, carrying a couple of tires with fast film, found in the wild tents have any flaw, can be repaired on the spot, at the time of repair, should pay attention to clean up around the hole, dry the water. < / p >
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