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Outdoor sports self-help fifty skills ( A)

by:Foerstine     2020-04-15
sports self-help fifty skills ( A) Time: 2011 11 - Source: 17 tents author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> a: about how to choose < / p> < p> all your plans to bring collected, put them in a room, then imagine they are in your bag. Wow, then you can perform the first article: who don't know all the things you should not to bring. So your package will become more compact. < / p> < p> 2: how to pack < / p> < p> light equipment in the following, heavy on top. Because anyone can leaning forward when walking, thus the weight < / p> < p> focus on your hips instead of your shoulders. Can put your sleeping bag (at the bottom Sleeping bag is set, also can use the plastic wrap it up, so one thousand fell in the water or your canoe into the water can prevent to be soaked) 。 Then is the day you don't need to dress, underwear and socks, down jacket, etc. Then is your sleeping MATS, should be placed inside instead of outside. Then is your tents and rain wear. < / p> < p> then a picnic supplies: stove, oil, POTS, cups and spoon, water filter and first aid kit. And then, near the top of the place - your food. Bad weather clothes on top. Finally tighten pocket the rope. < / p> < p> 3: make bags, thin and high < / p> < p> instead of short and thick. Such is the backpack belt use, tighten them, with the knee to compress them ( When the < / p> < p> but don't broke the contents) Pack < / p> < p> 4: avoid dangling objects < / p> < p> when you walk, the motion of the these things will take your physical energy. Which attached to your belt and shoulder belt that cute little < / p> < p> package? Actually they are a heavy burden. When you need sunscreen and film, how much time you take them from your bag to remove the upper pockets. The only exception is the pepper spray spray. It should be available in your arm. < / p> < p> five: put all your food in waterproof bag < / p> < p> when you hide your supplements at night away from the place where the animals, you don't need to find the pieces around. As for lunch and snacks, are wrapped in plastic, put in bags, so can easily take out when to rest. < / p> < p> 6: put your kettle on bag < / p> < p> don't hang on the bottom, will be the sun is hot. < / p> < p> 7: pest < / p> < p> sprayed some on your strength and your exposure to some place. In the season of mosquito indulge in wilful persecution, can spray some on your socks and pants on the roots of because of these little worm from some plants grow shorter than climbed from the tree to you. Sprayed some on your hand, rather than on the palm of your hand, and then rub on the face. Sounds very strange, because it can keep pests away from your eyes. Even in your bottom spray some brim. Arrived < / p> < p> < / p> < p> 8: relax from but be rhythm < / p> < p> to start slowly, let your body slowly heat up, and then find yourself walking speed. < / p> < p> 9: arrive early < / p> < p> wherever you go, should be in the noon to, and in other people find a camp site in a timely manner before arriving. Do you have enough time to support the tent, and dried before sleep sleeping bag. You can rest for a while, walk around, visited around, or holding a cup of tea, to enjoy the pleasant scenery in front of me. < / p> < p> 10: let everyone together < / p> < p> 11: when you feel tired, you also hungry and thirsty < / p> < p> so, when you rest, you also need to supply food and water, To open happy heart, of course) 。 Don't appear in your body reaction to do so. < / p> < p> three urgent < / p> < p> 12: don't drink tea at night < / p> < p> whether caffeine, most tea party make you get up in the evening pee. < / p> < p> 13: use the urinal < / p> < p> 14: in a zipper bag used paper < / p> < p> three urgent, the best way to make your use old paper wrapped up, and put in a bag with zipper, then the next garbage disposal site ( The fire point or simple toilet) Pour them out, not buried. Animals like digging human waste ( Ah, well, well) And get the paper all over the place. < / p> < p> 15: really want to fire < / p> < p> I am not born. And in the wild, it is best not to fire. Because if we don't make a fire, the timber enough support some organisms, and their is some higher level of food in the food chain. A fire you have to collect wood, fire, water smoked up her tears dc, finally a smoke go to sleep. But if you are cold and wet, it is necessary to have a fire. Or when have something important to discuss, we can sit around the fire. < / p> < p> 16: is there a GPS? < / p> < p> where are you? How far away? How fast you go away? Passed what place? When it is dark? A similar problem GPS more useful than a compass. < / p> < p> 17: where to buy a map? < / p> < p> big bookshop and professional bookstore, also can search on the net < / p> < p> 18: a lot of no details of the map. < / p> < p> this will depend on GPS to determine the precise location of you. And can also lend a friend after use. < / p> < p> 19: check data < / p> < p> when you accepted a GPS map, don't forget to set up the map. < / p> < p> 20: threw a bear bell < / p> < p> can bear in the distance of the farther than you think. As far as possible multi-purpose cry not kept ringing. < / p>
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