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Outdoor sports is not necessarily the more you sweat, the better

by:Foerstine     2020-04-27
sports don't sweat, the more the better time: 2013 - 05 - 28 now, from all walks of life are calling for the national fitness, outdoor aerobics, the general public now, people more and more for outdoor camping goods sports, so what do outdoor sports level is the best? Sweating more fitness effect, the better? Dallas a study at the university of Texas southwestern medical center also points out that sauna day running effect. < br /> a good runner 10 ℃ or so weather, no more than two and a half hours can run all the way, but under the temperature of 25 ℃ above speed will slow down 2. 5%. This is because the cool environment pressure on the body produces more small, energy consumption is decreased. And in summer, such as dust in the air inhaled particles than other seasons, due to the shortness of breath, when the person is moving into the pollutants in the body will become much, is very bad to the lungs. To this, foer westin proposal, in high temperature, humid weather, it is best not to aerobic exercise outdoors for a long time. < br /> sauna heat and humidity, people just a activities will be sweating like a pig, then sports seems to have become a kind of 'torture'. However, for some people who like sports and exercise habit for a long time, it will become the factors that hinder their movement. At this point, you can use some movements no sweat sports instead of run and so on, can make exercise effect more apparent. Newsweek once wrote, no sweat exercise can prevent or reduce the risk of a variety of chronic diseases, has a lot of benefits to human health. The following is recommended several for you. < br /> payable balance < br /> will be a small bag of rice or a book on his head forward, to keep balance, can use a hand. The feeling of the vertical axis, and timing. This exercise shape of the spine, improve the body has the very good effect. < br /> < br /> limb exercise lie on your back, arms and legs slightly apart, palm toward the ceiling, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, concentrate on completely empty flat body after each breath. Then from your toes to the top of your head, a little tightening to relax your muscles, carefully to feel every link. For the head and shoulder muscle movement, to use rotation instead of tightening. This is a practice, developing the body flexibility is very relaxing and can ease the tension. Labor fitness < br /> < br /> harvard and Stanford universities in the United States experts have done on the relationship between the housework and health studies, think to do household chores, also can burn calories. In the summer, might as well do some housework, can effective movement, also can keep home clean and tidy.
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