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Outdoor sports, discussion

by:Foerstine     2020-04-26
sports, discussion time: 2011 - 11 - Tents 30 source: author: camping tents < p> outdoor sports as a new set of sports and leisure as one of the new campaign, when it just started only as one of the few people thrill to challenge the limits of the game. But with the passage of time and the national economy development, the environment is getting worse and people more competitive circumstances, people require close nature to relax tense mood in the competition, outdoor sports are gradually popularized. < / p> < p> the popularity of outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, camping, adventure sports is the most widespread. The movement itself is very popular in Europe and the United States developed countries, and the movement has formed a complete business model. Or some new projects in China and not fully developed industry. < / p> < p> many years ago is a kind of outdoor camping goods sports movement, now also is only to refine it. Take the camping expedition, mountain climbing, rock climbing, that date to the earliest of the 18th century Europe. Before that, people are afraid of close to the mountains, like always think that it is the devil's place, until the 18th century, began to have some missionaries to mission, had to through the mountains. < / p> < p> scientists are beginning to walk into the mountains, do some of the natural ecology research, in addition to these people, and some because of thanks to the industrial revolution, formed by industrialists and entrepreneurs such as the new social strata, after these people have a certain amount of money at the same time also in pursuit of another stimulus, began to mountaineering as another way of leisure. First (at the time, A mountain top spot by humans for the first time) Became the target of all climbers, when those in the Alps, more smooth and easy to reach the hill was first after, the rest is a quite difficult mountain. < / p> < p> the climber, in order to overcome these permanent snow ice rock terrain, and then develop a set of technologies. Just at this time regardless of technology or equipment are quite humble, has been to before and after the second world war, in order to comply with the demand on special terrains, the army began to develop the technology, rock climbing and camping are gradually take shape, and true form classification of sports or later in the 1970 s. < / p> < p> but although the history of these projects is very short, but the last few decades has become a very popular sport in the developed countries, at the same time the wild camping is the European and American countries are up to the old boy scout's favorite activities. < / p> < p> outdoor sports can be popularized in decades to is so widely and a variety of reasons in the modern society is inseparable. < / p> < p> 1, the industrialization of developed countries such as Europe after world war ii is very fast, most people from the countryside into city life, so that people are more eager to return to nature, and outdoor sports can cater to the tastes of people. < / p> < p> 2, European countries in the post-war economic development is very quick, rich people have time for all kinds of outdoor sports. And ordinary tourism can't meet people's needs, camping and adventure is in line with the people that desire and other outdoor camping goods sports. < / p> < p> 3, the fierce competition in the city makes the growing contradiction between human relations, including urban white-collars to relax, reduce stress, exercise, many are involved in them. < / p> < p> 4, the world's environment is getting worse, the pollution within the city that makes people desire to the nature. < / p> < p> overall emerging in the outdoors this collection of keeping fit, participation, entertainment as one of the sport, attracts more and more people to participate in them. But its main participants or those who have a certain economic basis of fashionable white-collar employees, who imagine at the time of meals haven't landing and to climb a mountain may be his life? < / p> < p> in our country, outdoor camping goods sports is a universal streak in recent years. China's reform and opening up has been a long time, people's living standard has improved significantly. In today's society also appeared a group of fashionable white-collar, they no longer meet the original travel way, at the same time can more quickly accept new things in foreign countries, and this group of people has become the pioneer of domestic outdoor sports. < / p> < p> now more popular outdoor sports major domestic is also a camping expedition, rock climbing, mountaineering, etc. Camping, climbing, for example: as the camping expedition this activity to participate in the technical requirement is not high, the required equipment is simple, so most participants, the range is also the most widely; While climbing activities of participants has certain technical requirements, rock climbing can also require certain equipment field, so to participate in the number of less. < / p>
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